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Upcoming Events

This is where you'll find details for any read-a-longs, conventions, etc. that I'm involved in during the coming months.
  • July - I'll be hosting a read-a-long of THE COLOR PURPLE, by Alice Walker.  Details will be posted in June.  All are welcome to participate.
  • August - I have tentative plans to co-host a read-a-long of CHILDREN OF GOD, by Mary Doria Russell.  (This is the follow up to THE SPARROW read-a-long from April.)
  • September 24-6 - It's the Baltimore Book Festival!  I'm putting together two panels this year, one on book clubs and one on book blogging.  Dates/times for the panels will be announced as soon as they are set.
  • September - Go "Back to school with the Really Old Classics" - join the challenge and read a few books that were written prior to 1600 AD. Details will be posted at the challenge blog over the summer.
  • October - I'll be co-hosting another round of Dueling Monsters, this time with new books to choose from. 
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