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Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Finds 11/14/08

Happy Friday to all! This is the only weekly activity I do consistently on this blog and I love it. It helps me stay organized, keep a handle on what I'm adding to my TBR list, and see the books that are catching the eye of other bloggers. Thanks MizB for hosting this every week!

As an aside, I'll be missing from the Finds next Friday. The family and I are heading to Florida to visit my Gram and Grandpa for Thanksgiving. To those of you who only stop by here through Friday Finds, Happy early Thanksgiving (at least to my American readers).

REMINDER: Today is the last day to enter my Birthday Book Bash Giveaway! The winner will be drawn tonight. Good luck!

Here are the titles that made it to my TBR list this week.
  1. 50 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade, by Miles Litvinoff and John Madeley - a blogger friend wrote about Fair Trade in the chocolate industry recently and it was the first time I'd heard much about it - when Deb wrote about this book I knew I had to add it to my list right near the top

  2. Boys Should Be Boys, A Headmaster's Reflections, by Brian Walsh - "a memoir style book about how boys learn differently than girls, make friends differently, have entirely different issues of self-esteem and motivation, react to their parents and teachers differently, and, in fact, process just about everything differently. These observations are presented through anecdotes of actual school situations and, more significantly, through the voices and actions of the boys themselves." - I heard about it in the ReaderViews newsletter and it's a MUST READ for me since I have a boy (hi kiddo!)

  3. We are Soldiers Still: A Journey Back to the Battlefields of Vietnam, by Harold Moore and Joseph Galloway - this is the follow up to their first book We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young (made into the movie "We Were Soldiers") - I heard about this through the CSPAN Book TV newsletter - my dad is a Vietnam vet so I'm always interested in learning about this era

  4. Dream Homes: From Cairo to Katrina, an Exile's Journey, by Joyce Zonana - it's a memoir of an Egyptian Jew who spent most of her childhood in New York but I'm not even going to attempt to summarize it - just go over and read Chris's review and you'll see why I want to read this one

  5. The Lost Ravioli Recipes of Hoboken, by Laura Schenone - "brings love of family, place, and ethnicity to the table. Her touching quest to find her grandmother's ravioli recipe takes her from Hoboken to the shores of Liguria, Italy -- her family's homeland. With wine, food, and music, Laura's journey captures the complex and fascinating traits of her Italian heritage." - I heard about this in the ReadingGroupChoices newsletter and it reminds me so much of my Italian side of the family!!!
I was reminded of another book this week that is already on my TBR pile. Dewey reviewed The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett. I had decided to hold off on this book for a (long) while but her review made me bump it up higher on the list.

What did YOU find this week? Post a comment on this post or head over here to join in the fun!


Anonymous said...

You're very welcome, Heather! :) It just so happens to be my favorite out of all my weekly events. :)

I hope you have a wonderful time while you're away next weekend! And, much as I'm Canadian and have already celebrated Thanksgiving here, I wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING, too! :)


Beth F said...

I admire your discernment and restraint. I write down everything that looks even close to being interesting!

Anonymous said...

Great finds! The Fair Trade Book, Boys Will Be Boys and The Lost Ravioli book all look good to me.

gautami tripathy said...

The Uncommon Reader has been found by three including me!


Read mine here!

Anonymous said...

I'm always interested in books about how boys learn differently, having a 5 year old son.
Our Friday Finds post is up.

Friday Finds: Humor and Narnia

Shana said...

Heather - I read something about The Lost Ravioli Recipes... a few months ago and thought it looked great!

I also want to read The Uncommon Reader.


Hazellie said...

Add me to the list of readers who want to read The Uncommon Reader!

Nan said...

I've had the Lost Ravioli book on my list since reading about it on Mary Lois' blog. I emailed the library but haven't heard back yet.

Anna said...

Ooh, that Vietnam one sounds good. I hadn't hear of this one. Thanks for mentioning it!

Diary of an Eccentric

avisannschild said...

50 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade sounds like a really good one!

Kim L said...

Great selections! Its strange, I had never heard of fair trade anything just a few years ago. Now I was just at a "Green Fair" today, where they were selling tons of fair trade knick knacks.

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