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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Weekly Geeks #23: Redux

This week on the Weekly Geeks we get to "choose our own adventure" so to speak. Our task is to choose a previous Weekly Geeks activity that we particularly liked and do it again. I'm actually going to combine WG #5 - Alternative Storytelling with WG #7 - Photo Week.

In my original WG#5 post I shared my family's love of the Irish folk group The High Kings. Needless to say, we were THRILLED to hear they were coming to Baltimore! Hubby, kiddo and I bought tickets as soon as they were available. We were so excited about it that my parents decided to come along as well.

We weren't allowed to take pictures during the concert but get this - we got to MEET THE GUYS afterward!!!! Here are some pics from our exciting night, along with more clips of their music (and boy, do they have some GREAT stories in their music!). I'm sorry for the poor quality of the photos ... I was still figuring out the settings on my new camera.

This is kiddo with hubby's favorite guy, Marin Furey.

And here's kiddo with HIS favorite guy, Brian Dunphy. Kiddo knows all Brian's solo parts and even does all the movements and dance steps that Brian does in their concert video. He was so excited to meet him! And get this - Brian told kiddo that he liked kiddo's long hair. That made kiddo's night!

Darren Holden signing kiddo's DVD (we already had their CD).

Unfortunately the pictures of MY favorite guy, Finbarr Clancy, did not turn out so well. This guy's voice literally makes me melt. But I do have a picture of his signing kiddo's DVD, so that will have to do.

We had such a good time at this concert. We can't wait to see them again in the future!

And now, here are some music clips for your Irish listening pleasure ...

This is one of my favorite songs, Go Lassie Go. It's a classic folk tune that they've jazzed up a bit. And my Finbarr sings a solo in the beginning. :)

Here's a more upbeat tune for you. It's called The Rocky Road to Dublin.

And I'll sign off with THEIR signature signing off song, The Parting Glass.

I hope you've enjoyed this Weekly Geeks Redux ... I certainly have! Here are some links you might enjoy:
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Ti said...

They're really good. Their music is so relaxing. Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

D. and I were at that concert (at the Hippodrome, right?). It was sooooo good! :-)

Suey said...

I could definately get into these guys and their music. Great stuff.

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