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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Comment Policy (an admin post)

I love the interaction that comments provide on my blog and I appreciate the time it takes for readers to post comments. Thank you to all my commenters!

A few quick notes about comments:
  • I do my best to reply to all the comments on my blog. If you subscribe to the comments for a particular post you will most likely see a reply to your comment within a few hours, or at most a day.
  • Please be polite. Feel free to disagree with me or with other commenters but do so in a kind way rather than a rude or ultra-confrontational manner.
  • The written (or typed) word is easy to misunderstand since it is devoid of facial expressions and tone of voice. Keep that in mind when you write your comments.
  • I love it when commenters provide links to other books I might enjoy, or to their review of the same book I reviewed.
  • I do not appreciate comments that are blatant advertising; they will be deleted.
Again, I do love the conversational aspect of comments so please keep them coming!

(This post in not in response to any problems with commenters; it is simply an admin post that I'll be linking to from my sidebar.)

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