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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lovely Links #21

Here are some of the wonderful or interesting things I've found around the blogosphere lately ...

  • If you haven't checked out ZooBorns then you are missing your daily dose of cuteness. This is a site dedicated to baby animals in zoos all over the world. Subscribe to their blog and your Google Reader will make you smile every day.
  • SciFi meets Sesame Street in this fabulous series of videos.
  • The world's oldest cookbook has some, um, unique recipes ...
  • The world's smallest library fits in a phone booth!


Amanda said...

Great recommendations! I love the idea of Julia Childs recipes being tried out at a book club meeting.

I think you introduced me to Plays with Needles. I love her blog.

Hannah Stoneham said...

Hi - great post! The list of books about love is excellent. One that I was overjoyed to see was Katherine - that is my Aunt's favourite book and I read and loved it when I was very young.... Thanks, Hannah

Anonymous said...

I think I'll pass on the porpoise porridge.

Alyce said...

I'll be adding the Zooborns to my reader for sure.

I absolutely loved the Patrick Stewart Sesame Street gig with "Number 1." I laughed so hard! Patrick Stewart is my favorite actor from Star Trek though. :)

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Amanda - Susan is great, isn't she?!

Hannah - I haven't read Katherine but I'll have to check it out.

softdrink - Me too!

Alyce - I had to explain to Kiddo why that video was so funny ... ~LOL~

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