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Monday, February 25, 2008

Freakonomics (Feb. 08)

I finally listened to Freakonomics by Stephen Levitt this month. This book has been on my “to be read” list since May of 2005. What a fascinating book! The author has an amazing ability to look at long established “facts” in a completely new way, overthrowing commonly accepted wisdom, and finding the real causes behind changes in our society. I highly recommend this to everyone. It is short, to the point, and - regardless of whether you agree with his conclusions or not - it will make you think.

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Becca said...

If you liked this book you should read Malcolm Gladwell's book, "The Tipping Point." I read his book first and then Freakonomics and found that I preferred Gladwell's. The interesting thing is that they both looked at the crime problem dropping in New York City during the 90s and came up with completely different conclusions for why that happened. It blew my mind a little bit.

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