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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Mermaid Chair (Apr '08)

I read Sue Monk Kidd's The Mermaid Chair in about 3 days. Needless to say, it was an easy read! I'm not sure what to say about it exactly ... it was pleasant to read, quick to get into, easy to identify with the characters ... but I'm just not sure about this book.

It's not the type of book I USUALLY read, so maybe that's what's bugging me about it. Or MAYBE I identified with the main character more than I really wanted to or will admit to?! That thought just occurred to me as I sat here writing this. When people (in books and in real life) act irresponsibly in some way - even if it is for good reason - it really irks my nerves. So as I read this book and saw how Jessie basically walked out on her marriage it really bothered me. I won't give away the ending, but I will say that in the end, I was happy with the way things turned out. I might even say it was worth all the drama in the middle but I'm not really sure about that.

Ok, this is probably the most scatterbrained review you've ever seen. Sorry about that ... this book is hard for me to review for some reason. In all honesty, I think I see myself in Jessie in many ways ... and that is really quite scary.

UPDATE, 5/1/08: Laying in bed last night, I kept thinking about this book and I just had to post a few more thoughts. I think what got to me is that I've been married for 10 years and I can see how Jessie might feel after 20 years of marriage. Couples can get complacent, their relationship doesn't grow, and each partner can cease to have an individual identity. That being said, that is NOT how I feel about my marriage. No, it's not perfect, but I'm deeply committed to making it work every day. But I do understand how Jessie got to where she was, and I think that's what really hit home about this book for me.


Laura said...

I struggled with The Mermaid Chair for the same reasons. Since I've only been married for 4 years, maybe I don't understand what it is like for someone who has been married much longer, but it really bothered me how she could do what she did to her husband and her marriage. I prefered The Secret Life of Bees, but I still didn't like that book as much as many others.

Amy said...

I just checked this book out from the library, and I was happy to find your review. Can't wait to read it.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Amy - I hope you enjoy it!

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