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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friend or Frenemy? ... at the Book Fest

If you missed the first part of the Ladies Night Out evening on Friday at the Baltimore Book Festival, you can read about it here.

The second panel featured authors Andrea Lavinthal and Jennifer Rozler discussing their newest book, Friend or Frenemy: A Guide to the Friends You Need and the Ones You Don't.

This isn't exactly the kind of book I usually read, but my friend and I were having such a good time that we decided to stay for the discussion anyway. Free wine and snacks will keep us captive for quite a while.

I'm so glad we did stay … because this book is funny! Snarky might be a better word though. Here’s what it’s about, according to
How do you finally break free from a fair-weather bud who flees the scene as soon as a new guy comes around? How do you know which friends make it into your framily? With tips for making and breaking, maintaining and sustaining your friendships, plus stories from real women, Friend or Frenemy? explores how great friends get us through hard times and dishes out advice about dumping the users, losers, and abusers. In this era of instant communication, relationships are not necessarily easier. Friend or Frenemy? also looks at how texting, MySpacing, and other modes of instant communication are oh-so-convenient but sometimes make it harder to make meaningful connections. With tons of wit and loads of charm, Lavinthal and Rozler are sure to get you thinking about friendship as if for the first time—reminding us why our BFFs are often the most important people in our lives.
And here are Jennifer (on the left) and Andrea (on the right) reading from the prologue of their book. Sorry that it's a bit echo-y ... we were in a museum lobby for this panel.

If you like the humor in that bit, then you'll love this book!

One point the authors brought up is that friend break-ups are often more emotionally painful than romantic breakups. I mean, you sort of expect to lose your love-interest (at least, you know it’s a possibility right from the start) but you don’t expect to lose your friends. How true!

Near the end of the panel I asked the authors if they had any tips for KEEPING good friends. Their answer? "Don't write a book!" Ha! Both gals work full time, so they did their writing on the weekends and evenings. They said that during the months of intense writing for this book, many friends invited them out and wondered why they always declined. "We're writing a book, sorry." It was just such a busy time for them ... and boy, do I know THAT feeling! Their more serious answer was to make traditions with your friends, commit to getting together - that is key to keeping your good friends.

Andrea and Jennifer are also the authors of The Hookup Handbook - another snarky-type book. Apparently some people didn't get the humor though ... the gals said they are constantly asked it it is based on their lives!

After the panel I introduced myself to Andrea (she's the blond) and let her know that I'd be posting a video on my blog. And guess what? She gave me HER COPY of their book so that I can review it here. How cool is that?! I've started it already ... I'll let you know what I think about it soon.


Anonymous said...

I think so many women of so many ages can relate to this book.

Anonymous said...

You are just AMAZING! Wish I'd had you in my marketing department when I was a business owner.
Ophelia's Mom

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

I forgot to mention one thing in my review ...

An audience member asked what ages this book is appropriate for. The authors said "8 to 80!" But they amended that to say upper teens and older would be appropriate due to some of the language.

One of the moms in the audience said that younger girls need this kind of book as well, and the authors joked about writing a young girls version one day. That got a great response from the audience!

Anna said...

Thanks for sharing all the book festival highlights!


Susan said...

this book sounds interesting. Having lost one very dear friend after years of friendship to a terrible miscommunication, I know the real value of friendship in our lives. I will always miss her. I think I'll have to check this book out at the library. And thanks so much for covering the Baltimore festival! I enjoy reading about other experiences at them, too.

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