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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Rambly Post ...

Today I bring you a rather rambly post, simply because my brain is still refusing to work …
  • Feb. 5 was the last day Kiddo was at school due to the snow, and that was a half day. He finally went back on Feb. 17, but Wed-Fri are all half days. I love my child but I need a break!
  • I’ve had to use up several precious vacation days to stay home with Kiddo. Not that he isn’t worth it, but I’d rather have used them to do something fun, you know?
  • Hubby thought he got bit by a spider, possibly a brown recluse, so he went to the doctor yesterday. No, it isn’t a spider bite, it is a staph infection. A STAPH INFECTION! How the heck did he get it?! And did I mention that it is a very aggressive staph infection, and possibly resistant to antibiotics? And that the side effects of the infection are that he feels like he has the flu (minus the actual vomiting, thankfully). And that he used up his leave from work dealing with the snow, so he isn’t getting paid until he can get back to work? Oh, and that there is a chance he’ll end up in the hospital if the medicines don’t work? (I’m sure there is something here to be thankful about … give me a few days and I’m bound to come up with it!)
  • My cousin is coming to visit on Friday and is staying until Wednesday. I’m very behind in my house cleaning (yet again, due to the snow), and will likely be further behind now that Hubby is sick. Ugh.
  • My reading has really slacked off this month. Here again I blame things on the snow, but there is another reason as well – two of the books I’m trying to read aren’t holding my attention. I’ll have another post about them soon, probably saying that I’m giving up on them. Sad.
  • My book club has had some growing pains recently. After a spate of emails I think we have finally settled on the direction we want to go in the future. I’m sad to say that we lost a few members, but I hope that all our members – present and past – are content with the decisions we’ve each made.
  • The Olympics have been another time suck for me lately. I LOVE watching the events but they are simply SO LONG. We’ve mostly been watching Ice Hockey (Kiddo is rooting for Russia because Ovechkin, Semin, and Malkin are playing for them) and snowboarding this time around. I am also really enjoying learning things about Canada, just as I do about the Host Country during every Olympics.
  • With all that is going on, I completely forgot to watch LOST on Tuesday night. Oh the horror! I’m hoping to watch it online late one night this week …
That’s all I’ve got for now. Hopefully I’ll be back to a more normal posting schedule soon … but don’t hold your breath – I’m not making any promises!


bermudaonion said...

Oh my gosh, sorry to hear that you're having a rough time of it now. Staph infections are scary and I hope and pray all goes well for your hubby.

Anna said...

Hope your hubby gets better soon and that things start looking up for you all. ((HUGS))

I understand about wanting the kids to be back at school. We were all going stir crazy, and I was finally able to go back to the office yesterday.

Diary of an Eccentric

Helen's Book Blog said...

A staph infection? That's nasty! I hope your husband's medicine works quickly and that he is ok. It sounds like you need a new book to read that holds your attention so you can escape the craziness! I hope it all gets better soon.

Serena said...

Staph infections are quite common outside of hospitals, even those resistant to antibiotics, but naturally the news only focuses on the ones obtained in hospitals.

But I digress...I hope your hubby feels better soon and that the antibiotics work well. I also hope you get the house cleaned up and ready for your cousin. Funny, my cousin is visiting this weekend through next Wed. as well! LOL small world.

I've had issues focusing on books as well, and I agree the Olympics are a time suck...bit o so much fun!

Suey said...

Ugh... things do not sound fun at your house right now! I hope all gets back to normal soon and your husband gets better and the snow melts and you find some good books! :)

I'm curious to know what sort of changes you had to make in your book club...

Meghan said...

Sounds overwhelming. =/ I hope your hubby's staph infection isn't resistant to the antibiotics and life gets back to normal soon.

Regina said...

With everything you have going on, it's no wonder that you have a rambly post!

Your husband will be in my prayers. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

And I hope you have a wonderful time with your visitors!

Anonymous said...

You have had some challenges lately, Heather. Well, I hope the staph infection can be controlled soon. I know that someone else commented that they are quite common, and they are, even the antibiotic-resistant kinds. Just keep washing your hands. :-)

I think we are all taking a bit of a break from the reading chair in order to watch a bit of the Olympics. This is just a season along with the snow and such. Just think how lovely spring will be.

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

Keep your chin up girl! Things can only get better (we can hope). =O)

Ryan said...

I hope things calm down soon.

Robin M said...

Sorry to hear about hubby - hope he feels better soon. Poor Kiddo - was he going crazy too not having to go to school or enjoying it. Since we home school, I'm used to having mine around all the time. But I can just imagine being snowed it was a bit stressful, especially if you can't get out and go anywhere. Would drive anyone stir crazy.

Hope you have fun with your cousin.

Cackleberry Homestead said...

Hope the hubby gets better soon and the medicines work. My mom got a staph infection awhile back and she had no idea how she got it either - it's just crazy.

My reading has slacked off also this month. I need to get back to it, but my motivation is low.

Hope things improve for you and your family.

Ti said...

The plus side to your Hub's story is that he actually WENT to the doctor. Men tend to not want to go and with a staph infection, there is no other way to be cured. So glad he went.

Too bad about your book club. Growing pains are hard. Ours never really recovered from the Crazy Lady. I attempted to branch out on my own and then everyone had a change of plans so I cancelled the darn thing before it even started.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping the snow stops and the staph infection goes away! And that the cleaning fairy shows up at your house. :-D

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Bermudaonion – Thanks!

Anna – We’re in the same boat, with only children, so I KNOW you get it. :)

Hcmurdoch – I think I’ve found one … I’m now reading THE BLACK HILLS and it’s really good so far!

Serena – Hopefully we’ll BOTH enjoy our company this weekend, and get to watch more Olympics too. :)

Suey – No, fun is definitely not the word of the day. ~LOL~ And I’ve already emailed you about book club …

Meghan – Ahh, normal, that is a word I’d love to hear again soon!

Regina – Thank you.

Kay – Thanks for the positive thoughts, they are MUCH appreciated.

Michelle – Yes, we can hope … ~LOL~

Ryan – Thanks!

Robin – Kiddo is definitely not used to being home that much, and I’m not used to having him there that much, so it was big adjustment for sure. The biggest problem was that there was so much snow that he simply couldn’t get outside to play or get anyone over to our house to play with … I felt bad for him, but we did do lots of crafts and projects! :)

Crystal – It must be more common than I thought, as everyone seems to know someone whose had one.

Ti – Yeah, Hubby is more on the hypochondriac end of things, but only b/c he used to be a paramedic, and before that he worked in a hospital – he know how bad things can get, so he doesn’t like to play around. It drives me crazy sometimes (I’m more of a “suck it up” type of gal) but it paid off in this case. So sad to hear about your book club! I didn’t realize it hadn’t recovered … that is really depressing. I think mine will be ok, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Softdrink - If you have the number for that cleaning fairy, give her a call for me – I need her! The latest news? Hubby is in the hospital, and the slop sink (where the washing machine drains) is completely clogged, and my cousin arrives in 8 hours …

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks said...

Oh, I hope your husband is on his way to a full/quick recovery, Heather!

And, wishing you good snow-melting weather this weekend. But, not so warm/fast that there are flooding issues.

Enjoy the time with your cousin - he/she doesn't care what shape your house is in!

Beth F said...

ARGHHHHHHH. Now didn't that little private scream feel good? Your cousin will not care about your house and it'll be great to have someone around to help.

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