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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Videos of Kiddo

I've been wanting to share some of these Kiddo videos with you so I've just stuck them all into one post. Enjoy!

This first video is Kiddo's Wolf Den singing at their Blue & Gold Banquet in February. Kiddo is the 2nd from the left, the only one without a hat (because he forgot it at the last meeting). He's also the one with the deep singing voice. :)

Here Kiddo was interviewed by his school news team about the Caps game when he was invited to the owners box. This was part of the school's morning news program which all the classes watch on tv from their rooms.

Kiddo's Wolf Den did reports on endangered species; Kiddo chose to talk about whale sharks.

And here is one of Kiddo's hockey team playing against the Naval Academy. Kiddo is in the white #10 jersey, and he scores in the first few seconds of the video.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what Kiddo's been up to lately!


Beth F said...

Sooooooo cute!!! Thanks for sharing -- and great goal.

Lisa said...

You can tell those kids have been playing hockey for a while; they know to maintain their positions. Great goal, Kiddo!

bermudaonion said...

Those Cub Scout videos bring back some great memories for me. Not only does Kiddo have a deep voice, it seems like he's the only one who knew all the words!

Literary Feline said...

Awesome! Thank you for sharing, Heather.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Beth - I AM rather proud of him. :)

Lisa - He's been doing it for a year - it's amazing the improvement he's made!

bermudaonion - I know, too funny, right?!

Literary Feline - Thanks. :)

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