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Monday, April 5, 2010


by Bernard Beckett
audiobook: 3.85 hours
narrator: Becky Wright

*** About the Book ***

GenesisIn this future version of Earth, young Anaximander has been singled out for her unique mind.  She has been trained and tutored and now approaches her final examanation.  If she passes, she will be accepted into the prestigious Academy.  Her area of expertise is a somewhat controversial take on the life of Adam Forde, a major player in this future-Earth's history.  The book follows the course of her exam, detailing how this peaceful society came to be and how it works to promote future peace.

*** Why I Listened To It ***

This short book got a lot of attention in the book blogosphere a while back.  I needed something to listen to while doing some mindless activities at work and this was readily available for download from my library.

*** My Thoughts ***

I thought this book was just okay.  It didn't capture my attention the way it seems to do for other bloggers.  In fact, I was rather bored in parts.  The narration was well done, so that wasn't the problem; I just didn't really get into the story.  Plus I figured out (most of) the ending long before I got there.

I'm thinking that the dystopian genre simply isn't my thing.  It seems to be really popular with other bloggers, and I LOVE dystopian movies, but the books don't do it for me.  Am I alone in this?

On the upside, this counts for the Mind Voyages Challenge so I'm doing well with that one!

*** Your Thoughts ***
Am I the only one who didn't really care for this book? Many other bloggers thought very highly of it. You can check out some of their reviews here:


Nicole (Linus's Blanket) said...

I have enjoyed some dystopian fiction, but it isn't usually the first thing that I think of to read. I usually wait until everyone has weighed in and think it's worth reading before I will give it a go. This one didn't appeal to me for soe reason. I saw it make the rounds, but I wasn't tempted by it at all.

Jen - devourer of books said...

Ugh, I just realized I still haven't reviewed this...

I did really enjoy the way the book was structured but, like you, I figured out the end waaaaaaay early, which took a lot of the oomph out of it.

Amy said...

Like Jen...ugh I realize I still haven't reviewed this! This book was hyped too much for me to love, though it was interesting and a bit thought provoking.
I love well written dystopian fiction, but I have yet to really love a dystopian film! So we are opposite on that!

Lenore Appelhans said...

Thanks for linking to my review! Well, I think if I would've listened to this on audiobook, I would've been bored too. I think it might be the kind of book you have to read on the page.

bermudaonion said...

Sorry this didn't work for you - I don't think it's for me either.

Robin M said...

Arrg! Sometimes I hate word verification. I'll be reading this one soon so keeping an open mind. I've read the first few pages and looks good. However, it's one of those have to be in the mood to read it books. Don't think I could listen to it in audio though. I need to read the words to visualize the story.

christa @ mental foodie said...

Didn't quite live up to my expectations either (my review here:

I'd have to say my fav dystopian is The Hunger Games. And I like The Unit by Ninni Holmqvist or The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary Pearson both better than Genesis.

Shelley said...

(I think this is the only blog that apologizes so courteously for the word test: thank you!)

This is really a comment about a previous post. I enjoyed your summary of Gladwell's book. What really struck me about that book was his assertion that it sure helps success if one's particular personal talents coincide with a period in history that promotes them.

As you say, that can either be a melancholy thought, or an inspiriting one! Hope springs eternal....

Happy Poetry Month to all.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Nicole – To be honest, I haven’t read some of the “most popular” dystopian books so I’m probably jumping to premature conclusions, but they just don’t appeal to me …

Jen – I’m glad it wasn’t just me! It DID seems a bit obvious, right?!

Amy – Too funny! I’m a sucker for those kinds of movies. LOL

Lenore – You are quite welcome. :) I don’t really think it was the audio thing, b/c I’m a huge fan of listening to books. The story just didn’t work for me.

Bermudaonion – I can completely understand that.

Robin – I know, I’m SO sorry that I have to keep that on there but the spam I get is CRAZY. I hope you like this one more than I did!

Christa – I’m heading over to check out your review later today – thanks! I’ve promised a friend that I will read Hunger Games. I’ve heard of both the other books but neither appealed to me at all.

Shelley – Thanks for stopping by, and welcome! I too was struck by the way that your place in history plays such a huge part in your ability to succeed – it was fascinating.

Michelle said...

I'm sorry this one didn't work for you. I'm one of the people who loved it :) I agree with Lenore, it might be the type of book that is better read in written form.

Beth F said...

I listened to it instead of read it (I think!) Oh well. I really liked it because I didn't see the end coming at all.

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