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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Day for Alex from One Day at a Time

Back in August I dared several of my bloggy friends to read and watch some of my favorite SciFi/Fantasy book and shows.  Two of the four people who took me up on that dare actually completed it - yay!  As a reward for their efforts I sent each of them a box-o-goodies which should be arriving any day now.  I also promised to dedicate a day to each of them on my blog, so ...

Today is Alex's Day!

Alex (aka Goddess) blogs at One Day at a Time where she shares what's going on with her and her family.  Any idea why this is important to me?  It's because Alex is Hubby's cousin!  I think I met her for the first time the day I married Hubby back in 1998.  Over the years we've realized that we have quite a lot in common, and we get along fabulously.  I was so excited when she started blogging because it helped us to stay in touch (we live in different states) and to get to know each other a bit better.

Alex has three boys and one of her goals is to use her blog to remember special moments with them.  Here are a few she's posted recently, one for each of the boys: oldest son, middle son, youngest son.

Just 6 months after starting her blog (in Feb. '08), Alex's father passed away.  She's used her blog to share memories of him with family and also just to save those memories for the future.

She also writes occasionally about what she is reading/watching.  In keeping with that, here's a list of everything Alex did for my dare (links take you to her posts) INCLUDING the dreaded vlog: 
Perhaps the greatest thing to come of out of this dare is that Alex really took to the concept.  She's already accepted another dare from another blogger friend AND she's coming up with dares to challenge herself - woohoo!

A huge thank you to Alex for taking me up on this dare and for completing the entire thing!


    April (BooksandWine) said...

    These dares are awesome.

    And can I say you have really great taste in fantasy. Like, okay, Princess Bride is in my top 10 favorite movies EVER. I love Mists of Avalon. Love Eye of The World. Love Labyrinth. And totally used to watch Xena with my mom.

    Reading these makes me want to take on some dares. :-)

    Robin M said...

    Woohoo for Alex! Loved reading all her posts about the dare. *Definitely* loved her vlog. :) Will be following her in the future. Good job to Alex. Thanks Heather.

    Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

    April - There's still time to get in on the dares! You can start your own if you want - details are here: (And I'm so glad we agree on the greats of the Fantasy genre!)

    Robin - Thanks for checking out all her posts!

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