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Thursday, May 6, 2010

DisneyNature: Oceans (and some Aquarium Photos)

Kiddo and I went to see OCEANS a week or so ago. Here's the conversation we had that morning on the way to school (please note that Kiddo rarely gets in trouble at school).

Me: Now remember, we're going to see OCEANS after school today.  But that's only if there are no problems at school.
Kiddo: What do you mean?! We HAVE to go today.
Me: Seeing a movie is a reward, and if your behavior isn't good ... well, you don't get a rewarded for bad behavior.
Kiddo: But it's not really a reward, and we HAVE to go see it today.
Me: What do you mean "it's not a reward"?
Kiddo: Today is the last day of opening week.  We have to go today so part of our tickets will be donated to save the coral reefs!  So it's not a reward - we're saving the planet.

It took all my parental skills not to burst out laughing at this point ...

Needless to say, Kiddo had a great day at school and we happily headed to our favorite movie theater (the one where the popcorn is safe for Kiddo to eat).

Kiddo and I were both expecting something along the lines of the Discovery Channel's PLANET EARTH or LIFE shows.  We've really enjoyed watching them together and love the creative ways the cameras are used to capture nature in action.  This movie was definitely not what we were expecting.

Instead of a modern, stylish nature film, OCEANS was more like an old-fashioned nature program, similar in feel to the documentaries I watched on Disney Channel as a kid.  There was a beautiful orchestral score throughout the film, and the camera angles were both grand and (mostly) static.  [My mother would have appreciated the static shots.  She can't stand what she calls "modern" filming where the cameras zoom in and out or move at fast speeds; it actually makes her dizzy and nauseous.]

Although it wasn't what I expected, I still really enjoyed this movie- it simply had a very different feel to it than the PLANET EARTH documentary.

Kiddo noticed this as well.  When I asked him how he like it, he said that he thought they'd have some time-lapse scenes (he didn't use those words, but that is what he meant), but that it was still good. He was also disappointed that the song Make a Wave wasn't used until the end credits.  We talked about that though, and he decided that it did make sense, since the song wouldn't have fit anywhere else in the movie.

A quick side note: Both Kiddo and I have loved Demi Lovato (she's part of the duet on Make A Wave) ever since she did this:

(Yes, that IS the disorder Kiddo has.)

Kiddo and I had a great time at the movies even thought OCEANS didn't turn out exactly like we expected.  We're both still glad we went to see it - and we helped to save the planet. ;)


To get you in the underwater mood, here are a few pics I took recently at the our Aquarium, most of the new Jellyfish exhibit ...


bermudaonion said...

Kiddo is a hoot! Those jellyfish look amazing!

Beth F said...

Awesome photos. And your conversation with Kiddo had me laughing.

Alyce said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed the movie. I really like the modern in and out zooming. :)

Gina said...

Nice pics! I miss the aquarium back where we use to live...well, it wasn't exactly there, it was over in Maryland, but close enough. As for the film, you know, that's kind of what I expected it to be...we went to see the first one (what was it...Earth?) and it was similar in nature. Reminded me more of the old wildlife tv shows you caught on rerun or original National Geographic stuff. Still good, just a bit less oomph then we've come to expect...especially from Disney. Glad you guys had fun though and that Kiddo was working the "save the planet" angle just in case he got in trouble. LOL. Seriously how could you say no? Happy reading! ^_^

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

bermudaonion - I agree (on both counts)!

Beth F - Yeah, he's always got SOMETHING to say ... ;)

Alyce - Me too, but this wasn't bad though.

GMR - The photos are from the National Aquarium in Baltimore - we LOVE that place and go whenever we can. :)

Robin M said...

Love the conversation - "we're saving the planet." Smart Kiddo! Great pictures too!

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