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Friday, June 13, 2008

My Book Club is Famous!

Ok, well maybe not famous, but we ARE getting some hometown attention!

The Baltimore Sun newspaper recently started a book blog and they contacted me because they wanted to profile my book club on their blog. According to one of the editors, my book club blog "is the best one I've ever seen!". Cool, huh? Click here to read what they wrote.

I also have a new post up at It's dated June 13, in case you click the link after today. This is my first post since I became an "Official Contributor". The post is about my book club's recent meeting and how we don't know how to be quiet ... I think you'll enjoy it!

Hey, did you notice my new layout? What to you think? I asked Kristi at Passion for the Page for help setting up a 3 column layout and she directed me here (this site is only useful for those of us using blogger). Thanks Kristi! It was pretty easy to do once I got the hang of it. Please, dear readers, let me know what you think - does this make my site easier to read? harder? more balanced? etc. I'd love your input.

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Julie P. said...

Congrats!!! You should be really proud -- you have an awesome blog. I love the three column template, but I'm too chicken to try it!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome about the book club! Great work.

I personally like three column templates. Looking good.

Laura said...

Wow! How cool to be featured in the newspaper! You are the officially the book club queen!

I like the 3-column layout better. It looks nice

I never received your book club e-mail, but I think many "real" e-mails have been going into my spam folder lately.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Julie - I was really nervous that I might lose my whole site but there are simple instructions on how to back it up. I think you should try it! Let me know if you need some guidance. :)

Natasha - thanks, I'm really thrilled with the attention my club is getting.

Laura - I do have some really good tips for you ... add my email address to your contact list, then drop me an email. Maybe that will solve the spam problem!

Kristi said...

Yeah!! You got the 3-columns to work. It looks great. Congratulations on the publicity, too. How exciting. Now we can say we knew you when ;>).

Ti said...

You are famous now! I also love your new layout. Very easy to read.

Jessica White said...

Congrats on the acknowledgement! I definitely like the 3 column format.

Here via NCLM

LisaMM said...

I like the 3 column format best!

I just noticed that you share a birthday with my oldest daughter, except she's 10, so you're separated by a couple of decades!

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