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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Reading Thing ... I'm IN!

Not that I need to join any more challenges or anything like that ... but THIS one is different ... really. I mean it. Don't you believe me? (imagine me batting my eyes very sweetly ... is it working?!)

The reason I'm joining this challenge is that I can choose any books I want to read - I just have to set a goal and list it here. That's the whole challenge!

Here are my goals:
  1. complete the Irresistible Review Challenge
  2. complete the Historical Fiction Challenge
  3. read and review the following books I've promised to review for authors and publishers
  • Matrimony, by Joshua Henkin (in progress now)
  • Live Your Road Trip Dream, by Phil & Carol White
  • Maggie Again, by John Husband
  • Castaway Kid, by Rob Mitchell (in the mail to me now)
  • Why the Wind Blows, by Matthys Levy
The challenge ends on Sept. 21; according to the list above, I need to read 11 books between now and then - a completely reasonable goal.

Get in on this challenge and set your own summer reading goals! Click on the Summer Reading Button above to go to the main site and sign up. Happy Reading!

Oh, by the way, there's still time to enter the two contests I'm running right now! I'll announce the winners on Friday so be sure you've got your name in. Click here and here to enter.


Sarah said...

What a good idea for a blog! I once decided to write down everything I did for a year (like saw this movie, met this friend for dinner...). It got sort of tedious at the time, but looking back on it now is so fun. I keep finding things that I had forgotten doing or seeing! I'll be back when I get a few minutes to explore the rest of your blog.

Amy said...

I just finished Matrimony and will post a review tonight or tomorrow. I look forward to your thoughts.

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