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Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Finds 10/03/08

Welcome to Friday Finds! I'm doing two posts today - one is my regular finds post and the other is all about the books I found at the Baltimore Book Festival this week. I hope you enjoy both posts!

(And if you're in Google Reader, you'll have to click over to my actual blog because the pictures aren't showing up, and this post makes no sense without them.)

Just 5 books made it to my TBR list in the traditional manner this week ...

This graphic novel features the true stories of seven women at various points in history who disguised their gender in order to get what they wanted/needed. Sounds fascinating, no?

Can you honestly believe that I've never read this classic? I just couldn't get into the idea of the book, but then I read Nymeth's review and I was convinced - I'm gonna love this book!

I heard about this through the Fiction Book of the Week email. Here's the summary from the email:

Amateur naturalist Thomas Edgar is offered the chance of a lifetime: to travel to the Amazon as part of a scientific exploration. Hoping to discover the mythical butterfly of which he has long dreamed--his "Papilio sophia"--he eagerly accepts. Yet when he returns, the optimistic young Edwardian gentleman is gone, replaced by a weak, nearly mute shadow of the man.

Unable to break through Thomas's silence, his beloved wife, Sophie, is forced to take drastic measures to discover what has happened. But as she gleans what she can from Thomas's diaries and boxes of exquisite butterflies, she learns as much about herself and their marriage as about the secrets he harbors.

Written in rich, sensuous prose and taking the reader from the demure gentility of turn-of-the-twentieth-century England to the lush, dangerous jungles of Brazil, "The Sound of Butterflies" is a breathtaking and compelling debut.

Sounds good, huh?

Nymeth got me again this week with her review of The Thirteenth Tale. She says "It’s no wonder that The Thirteenth Tale is so immensely popular among book bloggers. It truly is a book for book lovers." That comment, along with the intriguing storyline, really got my attention.

I've heard of this book a few times now, but Literary Feline had a great review of it this week.


Nothing to add to kiddo's list this week ...

So, what are YOUR Friday Finds? Post a comment or click here to join in the fun.


Anonymous said...

I've listened to most of "Rebecca" on audio, and it really is good! I didn't get to finish it, though, 'cause my player started "eating" the tape! Grrr... I have the book, though, so I hope to finish it, soon!

"The Thirteenth Tale" really is fabulous! I put off reading it for a long time, but then my f2f book group chose it for June, and I really enjoyed it! Hope you do, too!

And, thanks for mentioning "The Sound of Butterflies". I hadn't heard of it before, but it's now going on my TBR list (and will probably show up in my "Friday Finds" next week! LOL). :P Thanks!


Amanda said...

Oh that's No Girls Allowed book sounds awesome. That's definitely going on my TBR pile. Oh...and weird but today I heard about a book which you might like too...called Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. Thanks for sharing your finds!

Ana S. said...

No Girls Allowed sounds great! I don't think I'd heard of it before. To the wishlist it goes.

I hope you enjoy both Rebecca and The Thirteenth Tale :)

Literary Feline said...

No Girls Allowed definitely sounds like it needs to go on my wish list. Maybe I'll mention it to my husband and he can pick it up on his next graphic novel run (plus it will make him happy to know I'm interested in something he'd like to read too.) :-)

Rebecca is one I've been wanting to read too. Shamefully, I had never heard of it until I read The Thirteenth Tale and others were commenting on the similarities.

I do hope you get a chance to read Sweet Mandarin. I would love to read your thoughts on it. Thank you for the link!

Rebecca Reid said...

I read Rebecca first a few years ago because that's my name...dumb reason, I know. But I really did enjoy it.

Susan Elliott said...

Can't believe YOU haven't read the The Thirteenth Tale...move it to the top of the pile. It's a joy!

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