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Monday, October 27, 2008

In reply to The Daily Rant ...

Salena* over at The Daily Rant tagged me for a meme. I usually don't do memes for a whole host of reasons HOWEVER I am going to do this one because 1-I love Salena's blog, 2 - I just gave her an award last week and 3-I'm behind on book reviews but can't concentrate long enough to write them. So there.

* Her name is spelled SALENA not SELENA like I originally posted. Oopsie!

The Rules ...

1. Link to the blog that tagged you and list the rules on your blog. Hello to The Daily Rant!
2. Share seven facts about yourselves on your blog — some random and some weird. My list is below.
3. Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their name as well as links to their blog. Yeah, not so much. I don't tag but please feel free to play along if you want to. Seriously - please play along!
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. See my answer to #3. Oh, and if you DO play along please comment and let me know.


Seven Weird and Random Things About Heather J.

1. I like to edit things. If you ask me to read something you've written - be it a term paper or a letter to your momma - expect to get it back covered in "suggested edits." I don't use a red pen though ... that's just mean.

2. I talk a lot and I talk very quickly. If I drink a caffeinated soda, my words-per-minute climb exponentially. In those situations I sometimes talk so quickly that even I don't know what I just said.

3. After I eat I always get cold. My husband knows when I'm almost finished with my meal because I'll reach for a sweater or start rubbing my arms to warm them up. I tell him that my body has a limited amount of energy and when some of it is used for digestion, it can't be used to keep me warm. He just smiles at me in that way you smile at a crazy person and continues eating.

4. I've recently realized that I pronounce certain words incorrectly because I've only read them in books and never heard them said aloud. For example, unrequited; it's pronounced un-re-QUITE-ed but I always thought it was un-re-QUIT-ed. A coworker pointed out my error a few months ago. Since then I've realized that I'm probably guilty of mispronouncing lots of words. I chalk it up to reading so much as a child. But seriously, who ever says unrequited in real life?

5. Genealogically I'm a mutt: English, Irish, Italian, and an eclectic "American Mix". My mom's dad (who I've written about before) is 100% Italian (he was born in the US but his parents were both from Italy) and I identify most with that part of my heritage. I also have lots of love for Ireland since my Gram was born in Belfast.

6. I've been dipping my pizza in Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing since I was in elementary school. It's absolutely delicious. I had it for lunch yesterday.

7. I have a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and History, with a concentration in Russian/Soviet history. I work as a sales and marketing coordinator for a software company. Makes complete sense, right?

So those are my seven things ... hope you enjoyed getting to know me better!


bermudaonion said...

Yikes, since you like to edit things, I'd hate to see what you think if you look at my blog. Great, fun list!

Ti said...

A couple of things..

I get cold after I eat too. For the exact same reason you do :)

Also, Merriam Webster has an audio feature attached to each definition. All you do is just click on the red sound icon and you can hear how to pronounce it correctly. See below.

I always check it out if I have any doubt at all.

Dreamybee said...

I think unrequited is one of those words that has changed pronunciations in my lifetime, like harass and niche. I'm pretty sure that it used to be un-re-quit-ed, like you said. Either that, or I always just said it wrong too.

Unknown said...

Hi Heather, great meeting you at the MWA event in Baltimore tonight! Great info about blogging.

I definitely relate to the not pronouncing words correctly thing! I also read a lot as a child, and read a lot of words before I ever heard them pronounced. My worst was 'pseudonym.' I honestly pronounced it as 'pess-swedo-nim.' :)

Bybee said...

For a long time, I thought yacht was "yah-chitt"

Anonymous said...

Not a mispronounce, but a mis-read. I consistently see "uniformed officer" as "uninformed officer", then go back and re-read the passage.

The Daily Rant said...

OK, I'm THRILLED that you did the meme, especially since it's not really your kind of thing on your blog, and I don't want to be TOO anal - but just like you like to edit, I am very much like that, especially when it comes to the spelling of my name. Ack!

My name is spelled S-A-L-E-N-A. You are forgiven, it's a common error and I often get asked if I can sing like Selena, the deceased Mexican singer. "No" is the answer to that one.

As for your list - very interesting - especially the getting cold after eating thing and the word pronunciation - I can completely see how that could happen. I save myself by trying not to use words I don't know how to pronounce. LOL

Thanks again for participating!!!

Miss Feisty said...

I loved this! For some reason, I imagined you as speaking very fast :)

I, too, love my pizza with Ranch...can't imagine it any other way!

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Salena: Sorry about that! I fixed the post. :) Oopsie!

Anonymous said...

fun post! I love Bybee's yacht but the pess-swedo-nim is AWESOME.

avisannschild said...

Thanks for sharing quirky things about you! I also love to edit, but it's an occupational hazard for me, since I'm a translator and reviser by profession. I can also relate to mispronouncing things! I learn French in school before English (although technically my mother tongue is English), so I find myself sounding out new words like a French-speaking person. (I've also been known to pronounce "chasm" as it's spelled...) And as you already know I'm also into family history, though I'm not much of a mutt (pretty much Scottish on one side and English on the other), which is kinda boring!

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