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Sunday, March 8, 2009

February '09 Summary

Whew, another month has just flown by. Can you believe it? I mean, I know February is the shortest month of the year but this one feels like I sneezed and it was over.

I did have a good reading month though ...

Books - 5 (1,889 pages)

Short Story/Essay - 2 (40 pages)

Audio Books - 1 (15.25 hours)

Mom & Son Book Club - 2 books (480 pages)

Books I Gave Up On - 1 (after 2 cassettes)
  • How to Read and Why, by Harold Bloom - I had this on audio and I'm thinking that is not the best way to approach this book. I often found myself daydreaming instead of listening. After 2 cassettes I put it aside to listen to something else, and I never got back to it. I renewed it from the library 3 times and I've finally decided that I'm simply not going to listen to any more. I would like to actually read it at some point though.
There were no stand-out favorites this month. Most of what I read was good (other than Island and Change of Heart, which were horrible) but not great.

In other news, I did finally get to see a Kindle 2 in person this month. I've never even seen a read Kindle 1 but can I tell you it was not at all what I expected? My boss bought it for his wife and since she and I share books, he asked me to download a few for her as a surprise. It was very easy ... and sort of fun. I'm still not convinced that I will ever want one but I was impressed all the same.

How did your month go?


Jenny Girl said...

That's a nice bit of reading there! Great job.

Robin M said...

Good job. Lots of interesting book. I'm slogging my way through Adler's How to Read a Book. It's slow going. My TSS post is here

Kelly said...

LOL, I love that the title of the book that you gave up on was "How to Read and Why" : )

Anna said...

I had to read Harold Bloom in college. I don't think I'll ever do it again.

Looks like you had a great month. Hope March is as good to you.

Diary of an Eccentric

Rebecca Reid said...

I agree that How to Read and Why is not a good choice for audio -- I'm reading the books he "recommends" but at the rate of one a month; then I read his two page pontification. I liked his introductory ideas but the rest is a bit too much.

Sounds like a great reading month overall!

Liz said...

I thought February lasted as long as two months! It was probably the weather...

I didn't do as well reading wise this month as usual. Got some in, but I did a lot of stopping and starting, and deciding the book wasn't worth it. I'm dying to see a Kindle 2, but don't know as I'd ever really want one. I do enjoy audio books, though, and here's a deal! People who buy "Two Brothers" by David Jones can get a free audio book with order. The book is an enjoyable read of historical fiction set, obviously, during the Civil War.

Happy March! Here's to spring.

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