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Monday, March 2, 2009

Month of Joyful Reading Kickoff

Have you ever heard the phrase "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb"? It has to do with the weather, but that's not the point. Here at Age 30+ ... A Lifetime of Books, March is going to come in like a lion and keep roaring all month long!

Why, you ask? This is my Month of Joyful Reading! And my focus this month is the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes books by Laurie R. King.

(Maybe you need a little more information to understand what the heck I'm talking about. If so, hop on over here and read all about it.)

Here's what you can expect from me this month ...
  • Book reviews of 7 Mary Russell books - I already reviewed book #1, THE BEEKEEPER'S APPRENTICE, so this will get me ready for the release of the 9th book in April.

  • Two - that's right, TWO! - guest posts from author Laurie R. King! Her first post will appear on March 4th. Her second will be an interview later in the month, so please feel free to submit any questions you'd like me to ask her.

  • And of course, I'll be posting other random things this month as well.
All my reviews will count toward the Baker Street Challenge as well. You can read more about the challenge - and join in if you like - at the Challenge's blog.

I know that many of you have the Mary Russell books on your TBR piles. Feel free to read along with me this month - I'd love the company!

And now I'm off to continue reading my first book ... OH JERUSALEM!


Ti said...

WOW! You're not kidding! Your month will be busy but very rewarding in the end.

Nan said...

Good for you! You'll love them! Tom just finished Locked Rooms and thought it the best yet. They are the cleverest, best written, most creative books!

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Heather! I'll be watching for your reviews and Laurie King's posts. I have read THE BEEKEEPER'S APPRENTICE 3 times and somehow have not continued the series. I'll get the next book read this year, I promise.

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