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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Update on my darees

A while back I dared some of my readers to tackle a specific list of SciFi/Fantasy books and movies. My goal was to introduce them to some of my favorites in the hopes that they would enjoy them as well. My darees have until April 2010 to complete their challenge so there is still plenty of time, but I figured I'd check in with them to see how things are coming along ...

  • Alex (Hubby's cousin) @ One Day At A Time posted about her experiences with the books so far. Her thoughts on the way that authors come up with names is hilarious! She's a sucker for a triple dog dare so she's attempting to complete all 10 items on the list.
  • Robin @ My Two Blessings is having fun with the challenge, especially as she already loves most of the books/movies on the list. You can check on her progress in this post under the Dare section. She also is going for the whole list - yay!
  • There were two other people who took me up on the dare but neither one responded to my email asking for an update, so I'm guessing that they've bailed out on this one ... ah well, that's how it goes.


Robin M said...

Yep, I'm going for the 10. the vlog will be interesting to do to say the least. I finished The Mists of Avalon and Eye of the World is next. I have all the movies now so those will keep me busy for a while. Having fun!

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Robin - I'm so glad you're enjoying it. :) And if you finish TEOTW before 2/9, I hope you'll call into my show on That's How I Blog that night!

Serena said...

well 50% of the darees is better than 0 percent!

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Serena - And I'm good with that! :)

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