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Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Finds, and We Have a Winner!

Happy Anniversary to hubby and me - today we celebrate 10 years of marriage! He has a special overnight surprise planned ... I can't wait to see what it is. :)

(For those who noticed, yes, this does mean that I got married when I was 20 years old.)


Friday Finds

I'm finding something odd here. Each week I randomly add books to my TBR list - there's no rhyme or reason to this, I just add them as I hear about them. So why is it that my lists seem to have themes?! Last week it was WWI and WWII, the week before it was WWII and novels set in foreign countries, and this week it's plagues and "lasts" ... Plagues?! What exactly is going on in my head?!
  1. Six Modern Plagues and How We Are Causing Them, by Mark Jerome Walters - doesn't the title say enough?
  2. The American Plague, by Molly Caldwell Crosby - early 1900s, studying yellow fever in Cuba
  3. Joy in the Morning, by Betty White - this reviewer introduced me to another work by the author of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, a book I truly loved
  4. The Last Knight, by Hilari Bell - I think this is the first time I really got excited about a YA novel! It sounds like lots of fun and this review reminded me of Don Quixote ... what do you think?
  5. The Last Queen, by CW Gortner - about "crazy" Queen Juana, daughter of Ferdinand & Isabella, sister of Katherine of Aragon (1st wife of Henry VIII) ... I've been fascinated with her for a long while and this looks like a great read
And this blogger made me realize that - duh! - The Spiderwick Chronicles movie was based on a series of children's books. So now I've got to add those to my Mom & Son Book Club list!

We Have a Winner!

And the winner of my little old copy of Cannery Row is ....

Rebecca from Ramblings by Reba!

Congratulations! I'll be in touch by email to get your mailing address.

Thanks to for picking my number for me.

For all those who didn't win, there's still time to enter my other drawing for a signed hardcover Mary Higgins Clark book - click here for details.


Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) said...

Awww... how fun is that?!?

And happy anniversary!

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary!! :) I hope you have a great, memorable night out with your hubby!

I really want to read Joy in the Morning as well!

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary! Congrats on ten years! Wish I had more time to read! iclw

Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary!

That's funny about the similarities in topics in books you read. Funny :)

Congratulations to the winner of Cannary Row and thanks for the contest! I'm still going to read the book though so thanks for the recommendation!

Confuzzled Shannon said...

Happy Anniversary!

Yes Spiderwick Chronicles are pretty good and they are quick reads. They started a series after the first Spiderwick Chronicles. I have yet to read that one.

Florinda said...

Happy anniversary! I was 20 years old when I got married too...the first time. Best wishes for many more great years together!

MizB said...


Second, thanks for playing along in this week's "Friday Finds" event! :)

Last, I, too, am in my 30th year. ;) I got married when I was 21, so I'll be celebrating my 10 year anniversary next March. ;)

Alessandra said...

Happy anniversary!

The Last Queen is one of my Friday Finds, too. You're right, it sounds like an amazing read.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! To Many More:)
The Last Queen also is on my TBR pile.

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Happy Anniversary and thanks for all the great book recommendations, much appreciated. Visiting from ILCW.

Photogrl said...

Happy Anniversary!

Thanks for visiting my blog, and leaving a wonderful comment. I will be adding your blog to my reader, too! I love to read, and now that my daughter is 4 and 1/2, I actually have time to do so.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!! 10 years is so exciting and I'm wishing you decades and decades....more love and happiness together.
iclw Helene.

Tee said...

Hear from ICLW and happy 10 years! Mine 10 years are in March, but I have 10 years on you (got married just shy of 30)...

SassyCupcakes said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a great night!

Sarah said...

Congratulations on your ten-year anniversary! What a great husband to plan a surprise overnight for you!

Miss Feisty said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Ten years is great :)

andnotbysight said...

Happy Anniversary (a day late)! I hope the surprise was great!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

It is funny how themes arise like that. Sort like when you learn a new word and suddenly you start seeing it everywhere. I have read The American Plague, by the way. I liked it a lot.

Jessica White said...

Happy Anniversary! I know I go through phases with my book interests...then I have to put them down for a while before I can pick that "genre" up again.


Nan said...

A late Happy Anniversary!!

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