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Monday, July 7, 2008

Reading Meme

I've been tagged for a reading meme by Bookworm. It's a bit long, but the questions are really quite good so I'm happy to participate.

My only problem with meme's is that I hate tagging other people (what if they don't do memes? what if they are just too busy?) so I'm not going to do it. However, if you like the questions and want to answer them consider yourself tagged and post a comment with the link to your post. Enjoy!

Do you remember how you developed a love of reading?

Sorry, it's been there as long as I can remember. I could read by the time I went to preschool and I did it constantly. I've mentioned this before, but the only punishment that worked on me as a child was when my mom took my books away. Crazy, huh?

What are some books you loved as a child?

Luckily for me, that was a Weekly Geeks topic a while back. Here's the link to my answer.

What is your favorite genre?

I'll have to agree with Bookworm on this - currently, historical fiction.

Do you have a favorite novel?

I could never pick just one, or even just a few.

Where do you usually read?

Anywhere I possibly can, but usually on the couch or in my bed.

When do you usually read?

Whenever hubby is playing video games or watching tv (I do stay in the same room, but I read instead of playing or watching), often before bed, at work during my lunch break, in the car when I'm stuck in traffic (yes, traffic can be a good thing!), and generally whenever I get a chance.

Do you usually have more than one book you are reading at a time?

Until recently I would have said NO! I thought it was crazy to read more than one book at a time. But now I get it - I totally get it. There is one book I keep at work to read at lunch, one I keep in the car in case of traffic (see my answer to the previous question) and one I keep by my bed. It's a wonderful thing. :)

Do you read nonfiction in a different way or place than you read fiction?

No, I read everything in the same way. However, sometimes a book requires a bit more concentrated reading; then I'd likely save it to read when I'm on my own in the peace and quiet.

Do you buy most of the books you read, or borrow them, or check them out of the library?

I rarely keep books I read since I'm not a big "re-reader" or book collector. Many of my books are from the library, and lots more come from PaperbackSwap (you can read my post about that wonderful website here).

Do you keep most of the books you buy?

If I buy a book, I'll likely keep it. But that's only because I have to have a VERY GOOD REASOn to actually buy a book.

If you have children, what are some of the favorite books you have shared with them?

My favorite childhood book is called "Seeds, and More Seeds" (you can read a bit about it in this post). I really enjoyed introducing my son to this book, but he didn't love it as much as my sister and I did. That's ok, I still enjoyed reading it to him.

I've also stared a Mom & Son Book Club with my son. You can read our book reviews here to see what we've enjoyed recently.

What are you reading now?

"Live Your Road Trip Dream", "Some Experiences of an Irish RM", and "Cannery Row"

Do you keep a To Be Read list?

Why yes I do. I actually have an email folder called Books TBR. Whenever I come across a book I'm interested in, I send myself and email and put it in that folder. From time to time I go through the emails and order books from the library of from PaperbackSwap. Currently there are 199 emails in that folder. Several contain lists of books though, and this doesn't include the books that are already in my possession waiting to be read. So I'd say my actual TBR list numbers around 250-275 books.

What’s next?

I have to read Eat, Pray, Love for my August book club meeting but I won't start that just yet. I'll probably do Dracula next, and maybe Delta of Venus. I can't be sure until I actually pick up the book and start reading it. If you check out my left sidebar, you'll see the books I've committed to for various challenges ... I'll chose something from one of those lists for sure.

What books would you like to reread?

I'm currently working my way through The Wheel of Time series (albeit on audiobook) - check out the info in my left sidebar for more about this series and why I'm rereading it. I'd also like to eventually reread all the Dune books - in order, and with all the sequels this time.

Although I don't object to rereading, I feel like there are just too many books out there that I don't have time to read even once, let alone twice. So I rarely reread, even though I know it could be beneficial to me. For example, I read The Poisonwood Bible last year, then reread it for my book club this year - it was even better the second time around!

So I guess my answer is that I'd likely reread books in a series so I could get the concept of the entire series firmly in my head, but other than that I wouldn't usually reread.

Who are your favorite authors?

This is a bit unfair. See I love Robert Jordan (see that whole Wheel of Time thing I mentioned one question back) so that's a easy one. I've read 11 of his books. But I don't usually stick with one author unless he/she is writing a series. So I could also say I love Frank Herbert (author of Dune), but then you'd think I'm only into Fantasy novels. Let's just say that I usually love whoever is the author of the book I'm currently reading - provided I'm enjoying the book - then promptly forget about that author once I'm on to the next book. Shameful, I know.

Your turn:

Like I said before, I'm not going to tag anyone. But if you decide to post your answers, let me know and I'll link up to you from here.


Anonymous said...

Great answers! I think so far I have most enjoyed hearing people's answers about how they manage their TBR list. One of the other bloggers I tagged said she keeps her list on her cellphone so she always has it with her. Emailing it to yourself is a great idea too.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this one. Like you I rarely reread a book but I LOVE to buy books. I think I like to be surrounded by them and remember the memory of reading it or the story, etc. I'm running out of room!

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