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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Historial Fiction - COMPLETED! & Giveaway Reminders

I finished my first challenge!!! And get this - I did it with a few months to spare! Check out the cool button I get for that - sexy, huh?!

The Historical Fiction Reading Challenge was the very first challenge I ever signed up for. It was perfect for me because about a third of my TBR list fits in this genre.

One thing I loved about this challenge - other than the genre - is that the host set up a Challenge Blog where participants can post their reviews. This makes it easy to keep up with what others are reading, and allows those who aren't book bloggers - or bloggers of any kind! - to post their reviews as well.

It drives me crazy when I hear about the good challenges after they've already started (like this one here - I would LOVE to be part of this!). No so with the Historical Fiction Challenge! If you'd like to join this one you're in luck. The challenge is now perpetual, with deadlines set depending on when you start. Go check out the blog and sign up!

Here's a list of the six books I read for this challenge. Click on the title to check out my review:

Suite Francaise - (WWII France) I liked it more for the author's life story than for the novel, but still worth the read.

The Good Earth - (1920s China) I'm not really a big fan ...

Year of Wonders - (1500s England) Quick read, well-written, enjoyable despite the depressing subject matter.

Cane River - (1700s-1900s America) FABULOUS! I loved this one.

Water for Elephants - (1930s America) After refusing to read it because "everyone's doing it!" I finally succumbed ... and it really is very good.

Cannery Row - (1930s America) Different than I expected but very good. Very short too.

Giveaway Reminders - 2 books

Read my review of Cannery Row and enter for a chance to win my copy. The drawing is set for July 25.

You have until August 3 to enter to win a signed copy of There's No Place Like Home by Mary Higgins Clark. Click here for details.

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Amanda said...

Congratulations! I really enjoyed this challenge as well. Especially since there was a site we could all post our reviews which is very cool. I enjoyed your review of Cane River and am going to have to read that one.

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