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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm Inspiring ... Who Knew?!

Yesterday two different commentors both let me know that reading my blog inspired them to start their own book blogs. How cool is that?! Please click over to their new sites and welcome them to the wonderful world of book blogging:
Book-a-holic is blogging for the first time - you go girl! She's looking for suggestions on what to read ... I'm sure none of you can help with that. {sense the sarcasm there?!}

Books in Every Room already blogs about her family but now she's got a site dedicated solely to books. So far she's reviewed books for toddlers, tweens, and adults ... impressive.
I'm so excited about these new bloggers!


Did you see what My Friend Amy has up on her blog today?! It's the first preview I've seen for the next Harry Potter movie! WOOHOO!!!! Click here to go check it out.


Lezlie said...

I checked 'em out! Very cool!


Ana S. said...

That is very cool :)

Amy said...

oh my gosh, thank you for including me in your blog! that is so sweet of you. i am even more excited about this whole blog thing now.:)

Michelle said...

Oh I do love me some books! I also wanted to you know that I've got another baby ornament up for grabs today--I can't see Mr.Linky at the giveaway site and don't know if anyone else can either.....

trish said...

You're adorable. I knew you were inspiring. ;-)

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