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Saturday, October 11, 2008

September Summary

September was a rather hectic month for me, hence the reason that I'm just now getting to my monthly recap. Frankly, I'm surprised I read as much as I did, what with the Baltimore Book Festival and all (click here for a summary of all my posts from the festival).

And now the monthly summary ...

I really think that 7 is about my limit for books each month. I know some people read more (and some read less) but I just can't seem to fit in any more.

Books – 7 (2,297 pages)

And my TBR list gained 32 new titles this month.

Audio Books - 0 (other than my Wheel of Time standard, explained in my left side bar)

Mom & Son Book Club - none, but we have been reading several Eric Carle books

Challenges – 1 over, 2 in progress
  • The Summer Reading Thing ended and I'm not sure if I can say I completed it or not.
  • I'm still working on the "Lost" Books Challenge (ending in Jan.) and the 1% Well Read Challenge (ending in Feb.) ... I'm hopeful about those! [My list of books for each is in my left side bar.]

So ... what was YOUR September like?


Anonymous said...

You sound like me - the books are coming in faster than I can read them.

Kerry said...

Listening to the Wheel of Time books is a brilliant idea. I only ever made it up to about book 4, but I know I'd be wanting to reread them before the last one if I was you.

I don't work, which means no commute, so I can only listen to audiobooks at night and I tend to fall asleep, so listening to a book is a slow process for me, but I love to have one on the go. Right now it's The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper.

Yasmin said...

You read more books than I did in September...I'm so behind on reading this year...have read less than 40 books...trying to read at least 100 books for this year so I will be reading, reading, reading...every chance I get.

Dreamybee said...

What do you mean, "what was your September like?" We've still got at least a few more days left in Sep...(references calendar) aw, man! When did October get here???

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