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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lovely Links #18

Welcome to another edition of Lovely Links, the post where I share all the fun things I've found online lately. Enjoy!

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  • More info on the upcoming 2-part movie version of THE HOBBIT - I am SO excited about this!

  • The first details I've seen about the 2-part finale to the HARRY POTTER books are available here. Oh how sad I will be when these movies are finally over. :(

  • This heartbreaking article tells the story of young African girls who are raped by HIV-infected men who believe sex with a virgin will cure them. It is horrible but very worth reading. This story will be featured in the upcoming documentary Tapestries of Hope.

  • On a lighter note, the wonderful blogger Chartroose had some nice things to say about me way back in May. I kept meaning to post a thank you ... so sorry for the delay, but THANK YOU CHARTROOSE!

  • Ti from Book Chatter introduced me to a wonderful blog called Don't Know Much About. It is based on a series of books (Don't Know Much About History, Don't Know Much About Geography, etc.) and every day posts excerpts from the series. This is a WONDERFUL way to learn new things - I love this blog!

  • Rebecca wrote about her friend, a Public Affairs Officer stationed in Iraq and his blog. His posts are short and usually funny so definitely go check him out. And if nothing else, go read this post and video about the Demon Fish!

  • Do you know how to find library book sales in your area? Book Sale Manager is the newest online tool to help you do just that! See what you can find in YOUR area right now.

  • Well-written and interesting review of Brandon Sanderson's WARBREAKER by Grasping for the Wind. I've read ELANTRIS by this same author and enjoyed it very much. WARBREAKER is not on my TBR list but it does look like a great book.

  • BookTV has a new and improved website! Check it out here - but do be patient, as it sometimes takes a while to load.

  • The Baltimore Aquarium helped to rehab an injured harbor seal and released him on July 9. Click here to read the story and track his progress using the transmitter attached to his fur (he'd gone over 700 miles when I last checked) or watch a video about it here.

  • Ever wonder what causes that lovely "after the rain" scent? It's caused by bacteria ... who knew?!

  • Will the Scottish Orkney Islands be underwater one day?

That's all for now folks!


Anonymous said...

Great links! Very useful! Thanks for sharing them!

christina said...

I remember hearing about the HIV myth back in the 90's. I cannot believe that it still occurs. How sad.

Serena said...

thanks for sharing these great links

Lenore Appelhans said...

Thank you! I love blogs from foreign service officers. They are always so fascinating.

Blogging Iraq said...

Good day! Thanks for linking to my blog. Just wanted to let you know the URL has changed. It's now just simply

The Demon Fish are now at

Again, thanks for telling people about my blog.

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