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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sanctuary Cruises

This post is an advertisement of sorts but one that was not solicited (at least not exactly - I'll explain later), nor am I being rewarded in any way for writing it. I just want to share with you about an amazing organization that I truly love and want to support.

As you probably know, I live on the East Coast - just about as far from California as it is possible to get. However I do get a chance to visit there every few years and I love it. It was on one of those trips about 5 years ago that I found Sanctuary Cruises. We went on one trip with them and have been on their email list ever since, hoping that we'll get the chance to go back.

If you live in/near California or have plans to ever visit there, listen up!

Sanctuary Cruises is what whale watching should be. The main focus is on the safety and comfort of the whales and other marine life, but of course the passengers are very important as well. Heidi, Steph, and Noel KNOW THEIR STUFF and they will give you the very best experience it is possible to have. Cruises are limited in capacity so no one is crowded on deck and everyone has a great view. They are family-friendly and marine-life-friendly in just the perfect balance. Kids can even take a turn trying to steer the boat!

Here are a few samples of the things you might see on your cruise, taken from Sanctuary Cruise's website:

When we were there it was Gray whale migrating season. There weren't any big displays or splashes from the whales. Rather it was the most peaceful thing in the world to simply float along next to these majestic creatures as they steadily moved South.

*** Why I'm Telling You This ***

I've been subscribed to the Sanctuary Cruises newsletter for a long time so I've kept up with what's gone on in their business. A few years ago Steph and Heidi sold the company to a new guy so they could move to Northern California and open the Trinity River Adventure Inn (which looks SO COOL!!! I'd love to visit one day! Check it out here: Long story short, the new guy ruined the company and almost ruined their boat as well. So Steph and Heidi came back to take the business over again. BUT!!! They offered an amazing opportunity to long-time captain, Noel: for one year he will run the entire organization and make all the important decisions and at the end of that time, he can use the net profit made over the year to pay Steph and Heidi the down payment on the business.

I would love for Noel to succeed in this. He was on the boat during our cruise all those years ago, assisting Steph and Heidi with everything. Reading about him in the newsletter - how he's a single dad, how he loves being on the water, how much this opportunity means to him - makes me want desperately for this to work out. THAT is why I'm telling you about Sanctuary Cruises: to bring new supporters to this wonderful company and help Noel on his way to success.

*** Learn More ***

You can learn more about Sanctuary Cruises at their website: While there you can subscribe to their newsletter which will keep you up to date on the business itself and the marine life that recent passengers have seen. You can also become a fan on Facebook.

*** Thank You ***

I appreciate all who took the time to read this and everyone who will support Sanctuary Cruises in any way. Yes, this is a book blog, and no, this post isn't about books. But it IS something that is worth sharing and I hope that I'm able to bring some measure of success to Noel through what I've written here.


bermudaonion said...

I would love to go on a whale watching trip!

Dreamybee said...

Good for you for trying to help them out! This sounds like a worthy endeavor. I sent a link to your post to our family in San Diego.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

*** Thanks ladies! I'd love to help them in any way I can. ***

Jenny Girl said...

The next time we go to Hawaii we are shooting for whale watching season. they are so lovely and majestic. Thanks for sharing and it's your blog so you do what you like baby!

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