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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Recapping My Blogging Year

My birthday earlier this month marked the end of my blogging year. I've already recapped my reading stats so now it is time to recap the other big events/posts that occurred on my blog between 11/4/08 and 11/4/09.

My blogging year in a nutshell:
  • Loss: When I got back from Thanksgiving vacation last year I was met with the news that beloved book blogger Dewey had passed away. Here's what I posted that day.
  • Fun: I had fun coming up with 10 "D" things that I love when Chartroose challenged me to do it.
  • Question: Do you cry in books or movies? That is what I asked my readers in this post and this poll.
  • Fun: Another blogger wanted to know how my blog got it's name; I answer that question here.
  • Issue: I aired my issues with last season's Dancing With The Stars contestants in this post. I love DWTS so their choice of "stars" last season was highly disappointing.
  • Health: There were big changes in Kiddo's health this past year. I talk about the start of those changes here.
  • Loss: When one of my favorite authors, David Eddings, passed away, I wrote about my love of his books.
  • Award: I was so honored to win the BBAW Award for Best History/Historical Fiction Blog. Amazing!
  • Event: My panel about book clubs at the Baltimore Book Festival was a resounding success!
  • Reading: To help me get through the 2009 1% Well Read Challenge I decided to host a read-a-long for two of the books. Cranford and Frankenstein were the perfect choices for this and both were lots of fun!
  • Health: Kiddo had surgery to put in a feeding tube. He's been doing great since then.
  • Family: My gram is struggling through chemo right now but I'm enjoying sharing WWII-era books with her.
  • Event: I had a blast as a "Storm Leader" for the release of the latest Wheel of Time book, The Gathering Storm.
  • Challenge: I'm currently co-hosting the Really Old Classics Challenge which just began on 11/1/09.
And that brings us up to November 4, 2009. This year went by in a blur ... but on the whole it was a good one. I hope yours was as well!

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bermudaonion said...

You had your share of ups and downs this year! I hope the next year is full of ups!

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