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Monday, June 30, 2008

June Summary

With the busy IRL (in real life) month I had, I was thinking that I didn't get to read much. Fortunately my June totals are on par with last month so I didn't do that bad at all!

Books - 7 (2,184 pages)

Audio Books - 0
  • That's not exactly true ... I'm still listening to The Wheel of Time series (see my left sidebar, near the bottom, for details). I was stalled this month though. See, my car only has a cassette player, but book 7 in the series is only on CD at my library. So I had to find time to listen at home which is easier said than done! I did finish it - finally - and now I'm on to book 8 (which, by the way, has 17 cassettes that are 1.5 hrs each, so it's one of the shorter books).

Mom & Son Book Club - 3 meetings

  • This has been such fun for my son and I. If you'd like to read about our "meetings" click here. I haven't posted about the 3rd one yet but I expect to have that up this week.

Challenges - 5 in progress

  • (For more info on any of these, check out my left sidebar. There are links to the challenge pages there, and most are still open to new participants.) I have one more book to read for the Historical Fiction Challenge and 4 more for the Irresistible Review Challenge. I've got 8.5 more books to go for the 1% Well Read Challenge, and I haven't even started the Lost Challenge yet. For the Summer Reading Thing Challenge I've read two of the books and started two others, plus made progress on the challenges I committed to completing.

In other news ...


Laura said...

7 books is a great reading month! Your Mom and son book meetings are such a great idea. At this point, I don't have children, but if I do have any, I plan to spend lots of reading time with them! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow 5 challenges? Good for you!

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