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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Show & Tell

In keeping with the bookish theme of my blog I'm doing book-related Show & Tell again this week. :)

Back in the early days of my book club we read Sue Monk Kidd's The Secret Life of Bees (click here for our rating of this book). We had lots of fun with the meeting on this book and I think that everyone enjoyed reading it.

So of course I was very excited to hear that they've making it into a movie! Here's what the author's website has to say about it:

Movie production begins for
The Secret Life of Bees

Fox Searchlight began principal filming for the screen adaptation of The Secret Life of Bees on January 9th in North Carolina.

Written and directed by Gina Prince-Blythewood, the movie stars Dakota Fanning as Lily Owens and Academy Award Winner Jennifer Hudson as her caretaker and "stand-in" mother, Rosaleen. The two soon discover a trio of beekeeping sisters played by Queen Latifah (August), Alicia Keys (June) and Sophie Okonedo (May). Completing the cast is Paul Bettany as T. Ray, Tristan Wilds (Zach), Nate Parker (Neil) and Hilarie Burton (Deborah).

Producing for The Donner's Company are Lauren Shuler Donner and Jack Leslie and for Overbrook Entertainment, Will Smith and James Lassiter. Joe Pichirallo will also produce.

In theaters on October 17, 2008
I'll be setting up a Girls Night Out to see this movie in October (our last movie night was for The Other Boleyn Girl). If you're anywhere in the Baltimore/Annapolis area you're welcome to join us! Drop me a line and I'll email you when we go. :)

UPDATE on NOV. 7, 2008: We went to the movie! Here's my recap post.


Lollipop Goldstein said...

I'll drive out and meet you guys for it :-) Some of the casting is fantastic. I can totally see Alicia as June and Dakota Fanning.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

So funny that I found this post.

I just finished "The Girls" ( and the next book up on my nightstand is "Secret Life of Bees."

As soon as I get off the computer, I'm cracking this book. Maybe I need to plan a trip east in the fall?

Cajun Cutie said...

I loved the secret life of bees! have you read the mermaid chair? I was fortunate enough to her her read at my alma matter. p.s. I am here from Mel's show and tell links.

Anonymous said...

Initially I did not find this book one bit plausible. I didn't find the trio of women, who I'm vaguely recalling, as taking Lily in to be anywhere close to genuine characters. I was thinking it was some kind of attempted Toni Morrison-esque tribute where characters are possibly ghosts or some kind of thing like that.

However, I'm giving the book another chance on a re-read. For two reasons, first when I was telling a friend why I didn't like it, I summarized it this way, "A girl who has really no other place to go to get away from a bad situation is taken in by strangers and made family? C'mon! Does that happen, for real?" Then, we both paused and looked at each other. Because we are both adopted. So . . . .

Queenie. . . said...

I loved this book. I loaned it to my MIL (who is NOTHING like me and NEVER likes any of the same books I do), and she loved it, as well. I think she then recommended it to her sister, who also enjoyed it.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Town Criers - I'll see you there! :) LOL

Lori - I really enjoyed this book ... let me know when you finish it and have a review up!

Butterflyanla - Yes, I've read the Mermaid Chair as well. There's a link to my review in the right side bar.

Stormyscout - I'm glad you're considering giving it another chance. I didn't say it was BELIEVABLE but I still enjoyed it regardless. :)

Queenie - I love to hear about people sharing good books with their friends and family!

Deb said...

Thanks for Sharing! I will have to add this to my library list.

Bybee said...

This book wasn't one of my favorites, but I'm really impressed with the casting for the movie. I was thinking Oprah for August, but Queen Latifah is even better. Also Jennifer Hudson for Rosaleen. I'll have to see this one...maybe it'll come to Korea & we can do it as a book group. Thanks for sharing this info.

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