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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Genuine Men (and a giveaway!) and Show & Tell

For Show & Tell this week I'm showing off my copy of the book Genuine Men and telling you how you can win a copy. Plus I want YOU to tell me about a special man you know!

I recently received a review copy of Genuine Men: journeys in stories and stills, by Nancy Bruno. The premise behind the book is simple: showcase average, everyday men who are good role models.

I really love the concept behind this book. We all (hopefully) know men who have made the hard decisions, stood up for what is right, or simply remained faithful to their word; this book puts the stoplight on those men.

There are 35 men in the book and each receives about two pages of attention. It begins with pre-teens and progresses in age through senior citizens. In most cases the stories are simple, and of course some are more inspiring than others. But in all cases the author makes clear that these are average guys doing the right thing in their lives.

On the whole I did enjoy this book, but I feel that it could have been better. The writing is ok, nothing spectacular. Those who know me IRL (in real life) know I'm a stickler for correct grammar and this book didn't always have it. (That wouldn't bother most people, I know!) The photos were good; I was hoping to be "wowed" by the images and that didn't happen but the photos were good.

At the same time I really do appreciate the concept of the book and I'm glad that I read it. It gives attention to men for doing the non-glorious things that they do that make things better for themselves and their families. This book would be an inspiring coffee table book (and it's not that big so it wouldn't take up lots of space). It would also make a great gift for a "genuine man" in your life, showing him that you do appreciate the man he is.

You can learn more about The Genuine Men Project here.

And now for the giveaway ...

Hopefully we all know some "Genuine Men" ... why not acknowledge them? Post a (brief) comment about a "Genuine Man" that you know, tell us what it is you admire about him, why he's a good role model, or whatever it is that makes him special.

Everyone who posts a comment about a "Genuine Man" gets a chance to win my copy of this book. I want to give everyone a chance to participate and also allow you all time to read through the wonderful comments so I'm going to keep this contest open until Sept. 2. There are no extra entries for blogging about this one, but please consider sharing it with your readers anyway - it's a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge our everyday heroes.

I'll go first ...

I want to acknowledge my dad. He is a rock: calm, steady, strong, stable. He was (and is) always there when I need him, never demanding, always appreciative. I grew up thinking that as long as dad was there, everything would be perfectly fine. Thanks daddy - love you.

Who do you want to talk about?


Amy said...

My husband is a genuine man. He is the balance in my life. His calm, considerate, and loving manner reminds me constantly of what a wonderful man I married, and what a fantastic father he will one day be to our children.

chicklet said...

I have to vote for my husband too. He makes me laugh every single day, and there's nothing more real and genuine than that.

Kristin said...

I want to recognize my husband. Despite an injury that ended his career as a firefighter, he stayed strong, kept working, and kept our family afloat. There is never a day that I am not amazed by the man I married.

M de P said...

My husband is the most genuine man I know. He's never hesitated to tell me how he feels and communicate openly. I laugh every single day with him.

Anonymous said...

Reading this post made me tear up a little because there are several men in my life that are so special to me. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by 'genuine men'. My brother is one of the nicest boys I know. He's always kind and always thinking of others. We are siblings so we inevitably have little tiffs but he's one of my best of friends. My boyfriend of almost 5 years is another great man in my life. He's studying to become a teacher. He's so passionate and patient with everything that I know he'll be one of the best teachers in the world someday. He doesn't hesitate to help others and put his needs aside. Finally, my dad. He's probably the most genuine man I know. He's dedicated to providing for our family and always making sure me and my brother are okay. He loves us unconditionally and is always there to make me laugh when I'm down. He drops everything to help me out when I need him. He's truly my hero. He's always believed in me and has allowed me to believe in myself. I love him so much.

*sniff sniff*
You got me sniveling like a baby now! hehe

Stacie said...

My genuine man is my husband. He has been my everything. He helped to nurse me through 8 weeks of bed rest while I was pregnant with my twins. He helped get me (us) through the 100 days they spent in the NICU. He split hospital time with me when one of my sons had to have several surgeries. All this was done with love, optimism, and hope. I couldn't ask for more.

Amanda said...

Wow! What a great post! I would have to nominate my husband who is such a great partner and friend to me. He waited for four months while I took off to Europe, trekked to Alaska for me, and is always there to do the laundry, walk the dogs, or patiently tickle my back which I love.

windycindy said...

My husband of 22 years fits the persona of a "Genuine Man" to a tee!
He provides for our family by working every day and then, he comes home and cooks dinner ( because he enjoys
it )! Our two sons look up to him and have a very close father/son relationship with him. Please enter me in your delightful drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Geez. I'd like to enter my cat. Seriously! Talk about unconditional love and devotion. Wow. This guy is my rock, more so than the Tour Manager -- quite possibly because I don't have to worry about interrupting him during a big meeting at work. He's always at home, my cat is, and usually right here on my desk beside me.

But he gives lousy advice.

No need to enter me in the contest. But really. Think about my cat. I certainly do.

Alyce said...

My husband is a genuine man who works incredibly hard at his job. He also cooked for the entirety of both of my pregnancies. He offers to stay home from work and help with the kids if they are sick. He does the grocery shopping when I'm tired.

My dad is one of my heroes. He has worked in sawmills for over 40 years to support his family. Many times mills would close and he would try to support us any way he could. I remember one job in particular where he was a janitor and had to do a lot of cleaning while on his knees and they would be raw when he got home. This work was for minimum wage - that is love for your family. I am so proud of him.

a real librarian said...

What a great post! My genuine man is my husband. He's been a rock in many ways, and is always thinking and doing what's best for us together. We're currently living apart right now, and it's been really hard to be away from him. I am so happy, and so thankful that I have him in my life.

Thanks for this!!

Joshua Howe said...

I'd like to believe I am a genuine man. That aside, I am fortunate to have both a father and step father who are good genuine men. I have good relationships with both of them. My work in the human service field has made me even more thankful for this as I know so many young men don't have this.

Dreamybee said...

Thanks, I hadn't cried yet today!

My husband is a genuine man too. (Boy, aren't we a lucky bunch of readers here!) He's one of the most forthright people I know-straight up, no game playing, he tells it like it is; but he's also one of the most genuinely generous people I've ever met. If he sees a need and he can fulfill it he does, without a second thought, whether it's financial, material, emotional, whatever.

I can't talk about how great my husband is without mentioning the genuine man in his life, his father. My mother-in-law was a single mother raising 6 children when my father-in-law met her. They married and he took in all of her kids and cared for them just like they were his own and then proceeded to have 7 more! He worked hard to provide for his large family and instilled in them all a sense of value, honor, integrity, generosity of spirit, and family. What a great legacy and what a mark of a truly wonderful man.

My own father is was the first genuine man in my life. He taught me the value of taking responsibility for your actions, and he always knows what to say when I need cheering up. When he retired from his company after 20+ years of service, one of his coworkers told him that he was one of the only people he knew that, whenever he left the room, nobody ever had anything bad to say about him. If you think about it, that's a pretty good compliment!

the genuine men project said...

This is an amazing tribute to great men. The Genuine Men Project is all about recognizing the men who live around us every day - true role models because of the way they face their challenges and carry their experiences. I thank all of you for recognizing the genuine men in your lives and others - taking the time to acknowledge how they have had a positive impact on the lives of others. Thank you so very much for recognizing that we can all learn from the stories of men.

bevsclark said...

My Daddy was the most genuine man I will ever know. He unconditionally loved my Mom, my sister and I with a fierce loyalty. He was there to pick us up and dust us off when my sister and I made wrong choices. He didn't judge us, he just loved us. I am one of the luckiest girls alive because I knew that every day of my life my Father loved me. I miss him more than words can express.

Unknown said...

My son is a genuine man, and one of the most caring and supportive men I have ever known. His wife has no kidneys and has to hook up to a diaysis machine evry night. He has spent countless weeks caring for her and doting on her both at home and in hospitals. They have one son who they homeschool. Its something she wanted to do but when she is ill my son steps up to the plate. He recently took his son to Boston Childrens Museum for a sleepover. Though normally that may not be much, for him it was. He was crushed in an industrial accident a few years ago and has so much pain...but he slept on the floor in a sleeping bag to give his son that experience! I am so proud of his little family that I would love to give him this book. Thanks!

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