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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Purchases ...

I don't usually buy books (I'm more of a swapper) but I just received a $20 Amazon gift card and I couldn't bring myself to buy anything BUT books!

I ordered two books for kiddo ...

And more for me ..
  • A Companion to Wolves - I've been hankering for a good fantasy novel for a long time, and I'm going to read this one in Sept. for sure!

I can't wait 'til my order arrives!!!!!!!!

(And yes, that is a picture of the Amazon River. I thought it was more fun to look at that a picture of!)

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Miss Feisty said...

I don't buy books much either...usually go to the library or swap with a friend. But when I do, I love it ~ much more than buying a new pair of shoes. There is just something about the smell of a new book :)

Hope you enjoy!


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