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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Update & Cool Story

Just a quick update to let you know what I’m reading, and to tell you a really cool book story.

  1. Queen of the Road – I finished it over the weekend (yes, I know, everyone else read it already!) and will have my review up soon – review spoiler: it was MUCH better than I expected and lots of fun
  2. Imagining Argentina – I’m about ½ way through and can’t put it down – review spoiler: a quote on the back says it’s a “harrowing, brilliant novel” and I couldn’t agree more
  3. Why the Wind Blows – I put this one down for a while but should finish it this week - review spoiler: not bad
  4. Life Is So Good – ¼ of the way in I had to lend it to someone so I don’t know when I’ll get back to it - review spoiler: sorry, haven't read enough for that :(

Really Cool Book Story

I’ve talked about my Gram before but let me recap the important things that relate to this story: she is 86, currently visiting from Florida with my Grandpa, and has a 3rd grade education. SO … here’s the story:

I went to my parents for dinner last week carrying two books. I planned to lend The Beekeeper’s Apprentice to my dad if he was interested, and the other was my current read, Life Is So Good. Dad, Gram and I sat at the table chatting and I mentioned to Gram that she’d like my current read because it was a true story (Gram – and my mom too – don’t see the point to fiction at all. Why read something if it isn’t “real”?). I explained that it was about the grandson of a slave who finally learned to read at age 98. She picked up the book and flipped through a few pages, admittedly looking for some pictures (there were none). While I cleaned the table she read the first page or two. I was quite surprised when she said that it was really interesting. I asked if she’d like me to leave it for her to read and she said yes. Huh? This, from the woman who I’ve never in my life seen read a book, and who says that reading makes her fall asleep? But ok, whatever, I’ve got TONS of other books to read right now, so I left it there.

I went back over a week later and my dad tells me – in a very shocked voice – that Gram is loving my book. In fact, she’s staying up way to late at night because she can’t put it down. I asked her later how far she’d gotten and she was pleased to tell me that she passed by bookmark already. WHAT?! I am totally shocked and impressed. Go Gram!

I’ve decided my new title should be “Ambassador of Reading” or maybe “Ambassador of Books” … which do you prefer?


Lezlie said...

I'm kind of partial to "Ambassador of Books". :-)

Great story!

Amanda said...

That's really cool! Yay!

Amy said...

Very cool.

Now let's talk about people who don't like fiction...that drives me nuts. Even though I don't prefer non-fiction I still see the value of reading it!

where did I read fiction is truer than non?

Esperanza said...

Honorable Amabassador to Books ;) this story. Which one did she borrow?

Amanda said...

Cool story! I think I like Ambassador of Books better.

Lisa said...

I have not read Queen of the Road! I have it on my paperbackswap wish list, but I think I'm pretty far down the list.

Cool story about your Gram.

Anonymous said...

Personally, that for me is the whole point of reading fiction: because it's not real.

That aside, very cool story and either title works for me, or Ambassador of Bibliophilic Affairs.

Amy said...

That is so cool!!! I'm always trying to get everyone around me as excited about reading as i am. They get sick of it. :)

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

feliz - she borrowed Life Is So Good

everyone - thanks for the wonderful comments, you all are fabulous!

Sarah said...

That's so cute! This just proves that its never too late to read (or even just get excited about it!) Congrats on bringing another one over to "our side" :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story! The word heartwarming is such a cliche, but that was *truly* heartwarming. Ambassador of Books, definitely.

Debi said...

What a fabulous story! I like Ambassador of Books. And add on Rockin' Granddaughter, too!

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

Spreading the love of reading always makes me really happy. What a great story!

Anonymous said...

1. VERY cool story about your grandmother! Have you starting scouting out the next book you want to put in her hands?!?

2. No, you are not the last person to read *Queen of the Road* ... it's on my wish list still!

trish said...

I like Ambassador of Books. It has a nice ring to it. :-)

Bybee said...

"Ambassador of Books" most def.

My mom prefers nonfiction to fiction. I'm cheesed at her because I left two books behind for her to read: The Glass Castle and The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio and she hasn't even looked at them! Yet I'll read any POS that she sends me just so we can bond over books. Grr! But yeah, cool very cool about your grandmother.

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