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Sunday, August 31, 2008

August '08 Summary (and Show & Tell)

(For Show & Tell this week I'm giving you a taste of my month - it's not unusual, but I'm proud of it.)

This month saw some fun things at my blog ...

For one, I gave myself a new title: Ambassador of Books. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? I'll be updating my blog header with to include that name sometime this week. For another thing, I did a post over at (on Aug. 20) about the new rules my book club came up with. I gave away one book and have another contest going on right now. AND I was invited to be a book blogging panelist at the upcoming Baltimore Book Festival - woohoo! All in all an excellent month, if I do say so myself.


I read seven books again this month. I’ve been holding steady at that number since May; we’ll see if Autumn affects my reading pace any …

Books – 7.5 (2,073 pages)

  • Eat Pray Love – I read this last month but wrote my review this month.

I also added 33 new titles to my TBR list. Yeah, seven books a month isn’t exactly making a dent...

Audio Books - 1 (17 hrs, 17 min)

  • Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers – for book club (review coming soon) (17 hrs, 17 min)
  • As usual this does not count the Wheel of Time series that I'm still working through (see my left sidebar for details – I’m on Book 9 now).

Mom & Son Book Club - only 1 meeting

  • This was a busy month, plus kiddo went to California with hubby for 10 days and came back just before school started. Hopefully we’ll have more time next month.
  • We finally finished working through all 5 books of The Spiderwick Chronicles. Saturday morning we watched the movie together. You can be sure there will be a post about the books and movies coming soon!
  • If you want to read more about our meetings click here.

Challenges – 1 failed, 3 in progress

  • The Irresistible Review Challenge ends on Sept. 1, and I'm bowing out with the final two books started but not finished. It was lots of fun, but between lending one book to Gram and starting another in the wrong frame of mind (you just can't read Salman Rushdie quickly!) I couldn’t finish in time. I'm glad that I participated and I'd do it again, but I'd like either more time or fewer books next time around.

    Here is photographic evidence that I DID really lend my book to Gram. She goes back to Florida on Thursday ... I sure hope she's able to finish reading by then, or she'll be quite disappointed!

  • The Summer Reading Thing closes on Sept. 21. Part of my goal for that was to complete the IR Challenge (which I just told you I failed) … so I guess I won’t be officially completing this one either. Darn.
  • I’m still working on my 3rd & 4th books for the 1% Well-Read Challenge. I did get my 5th book in the mail (100 Years of Solitude - thanks Shawna!) and I’m looking forward to that one. This challenge ends on Feb. 28, '09.
  • I haven't even started the Lost Books Challenge, but that doesn't end until Jan. and there are only 5 books. Plus I still need to watch Season 4 of Lost - ugh, I'm getting farther and farther behind.
  • For more info on any of these, check out my left sidebar. There are links to the challenge pages there, and some are still open to new participants.

Sooooooooo, how was YOUR month?


Wishing 4 One said...

OMG i am always in awe of how much you are able to read, man! I so wish i could read that much, or at least just a little of what you read. I just recently started downloading audio books to listen to on my ipod, i love crime/mystery/thrillers, any good suggestions?

Kristin said...

I read a lot but not nearly as much as you!

Susan Elliott said...

I think you've had a stellar month and I love your new title!

Anonymous said...

I've nominated you for a bloggy award! See it here! :D

AnotherDreamer said...

That's a lot of reading! I read a lot, but not that much. Kudos!

JuliaS said...

I'm in awe of what you've been able to get read!

I use to be able to read like that - I keep thinking I need to schedule in reading time on my calendar!

Amanda said...

That's great! My sister just read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers and recommended it to me and I found a copy at the library book sale! I'm about to read it as well. And my husband and I just watched the Spiderwick Chronicles which I liked. How is it compared to the books?

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) said...

A few years ago, I kept track of everything I read. I think I'll start again... :)

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Thanks for all the comments! For those who asked specific questions, I responded directly on your blogs ... hope that's ok. :)

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