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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Upcoming Bookworm Carnivals

Do you know about Bookworms Carnivals? Carnivals are an excellent way to find lots of books on a given topic. I encourage you to find carnivals you are interested in - you can submit reviews or simply check out the end results. Here are the topics of several upcoming events:

Edition 29 hosted by: Steve at Jewish Literary Review
Deadline for submission: May 8, 2009
Theme: Holocaust Literature
To submit a post, email: steve at jewishliteraryreview dot com

Edition 30 hosted by: Michelle at In the Louvre
Deadline for submission: May 22, 2009
Theme: Books About Books
To submit a post, email: admin at inthelouvre dot org

Edition 31 hosted by: Rachel at Bitten by Books
Deadline for submission: June 12, 2009
Theme: Paranormal Fiction
To submit a post, email: racoo.smith at gmail dot com

For more details, check out the Bookworms Carnival blog.

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