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Monday, July 20, 2009

Giveaway: The Local News

*** GIVEAWAY! ***

Great News! Author Miriam Gershow has generously offered a copy of her book, THE LOCAL NEWS, to one of my readers.

*** HOW TO ENTER ***
  • Leave a comment saying why you'd like to read this book - the cover? the summary? review you've read? something else? A simple "enter me!" won't get you in this time.

  • If your email address is not available through your profile or your blog, please include it in your comment.

  • Miriam is only shipping books to readers with a US or Canadian mailing address. (I'm sorry to those of you that excludes, but it is not my decision.)

  • I'll choose a winner on Friday morning (7/24) so be sure to get your comment posted before then.


I reviewed the book here - although I didn't love it I think many of you would. My review includes links to lots of other reviews, many that really connected with this book.

From Publisher's Weekly: "Bright, precocious but socially awkward Lydia Pasternak reports on the aftermath of her older brothers disappearance in [The Local News]. Danny was everything Lydia wasn't: at ease with their parents, popular in school, physically imposing, beloved by the opposite sex. Danny went from being Lydia's playmate in their youth to her tormentor in high school, so his disappearance leaves Lydia with some very mixed feelings, one of which is relief. As time goes on and the weekend search parties prove more and more fruitless, Lydia struggles with the fact that her geeky best friend, David, has feelings for her; she also obsesses over the private investigator hired by the family and allows herself to be sucked into the social world Danny once dominated. Lydia’s perspective gives this [book] an unflinching quality as she details the emotional damage that reverberates even through her 10-year high school reunion.”


kellyrae said...

I'll bite!

I added this book to my goodreads when you 1st reviewed it. It appealed to me because I like books about teenagers, and the main character is the same age as I am. Also, I just lost my grandmother and have been drawn to books dealing with grief and loss. I am a bit nervous because, like you, I am so NOT a Picoult fan... but I'll read it anyway!

xoxo Kelly

Sally said...

Hi -here from ICOMLEAVWE! While I'm looking around here, I request I be entered in the contest as well. I just joined a book discussion group and we're looking for our next selections. On first look, it strikes me as something might like and could recommend as a selection to our group. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your review... i would love to read a book about teenagers struggles and how they feel and think, would help to understand a lot of things.

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Jess said...

Thanks for the review, I read Dar's review over at Peeking Through the Pages and your review and am very intrigued by the premise -- especially the older brother's disappearance.
barney's book blog

Sheila DeChantal said...

I have seen this book reviewed on a few different blogs... however it is the cover that draws me and I have no idea why.....

Love to be entered! :)
journey through books @ gmail dot com

Love your blog! :)

Unknown said...

I'm in! I read your review, and I thought you did a great job with it. When I'm ambivalent about a book (as you said you were), I also try to describe instead of judge -- just as you did so that others can make their own decision.

What attracts me to this book is the realistic characters, good writing, and the fact that it's sort of a heavy subject, but not sad.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

No need to enter me, doll. I'm dropping in to say thanks for the e-mail. I've got this posted at Win a Book for ya.

Alyce said...

I've read several reviews for this book that have been positive, but what really makes me want to read the book is the plot. My interest is drawn by the story about the disappearance but also by the feelings of relief that the sister has.

akreese (at) hotmail (dot) com

Mozi Esme said...

This sounds like it has a bit of everything - romance, intrigue, etc. It would also serve as a good reminder why I'm glad I'm well and out of high school! Those years were painful!

janemaritz at yahoo dot com

Pam said...

I've been loving the cover since I first saw it and the book's description sounds just up my alley. The reviews I've read have been mixed but I really think I'd like to make my own decision as none of them have been bad enough to steer me away from it.

melacan at hotmail dot com

sharon54220 said...

I've seen several reviews of this book that makes me want to read it more. I love the title also. I love watching the Local News.

Unknown said...

I'd like to read this book because it has a mystery in it (but not in a scary horror kind of way) and now I'm really curious to know what happened to danny! Well that is if they even find out what happens to him in the book, if not well then atleast my curiousity wouldn't get the best of me anymore. Thanks for the chance.

Valorie said...

I want to read this book because I appreciate the duality of how different two siblings are. And, of course, because of the mystery aspect of the disappearance.


KR said...

I read your review but I'd still like to try it. I often find that I 'like' characters that my friends and family didn't like so it would be fun to read.


Beth (BBRB) said...

This looks interesting! Please enter me!

Who wouldn't want to read it with such an interesting cover!

BethsBookReviewBlog AT gmail DOT com

Marjorie/cenya2 said...

I am a new follower, count me in please.

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