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Saturday, August 2, 2008

July Summary

Seven books per month seems to be my average for the summer - I've kept it up since May. Here's a recap of my reading this month:

Books - 7 (1,832 pages)

Audio Books - 0

  • Not counting the Wheel of Time series that I'm still working through (see my left sidebar for details).

Mom & Son Book Club - 4 meetings

  • Of course, I've only blogged about 2 of those meetings so far. I promise to get the other two posts up shortly! If you want to read more about our "meetings" click here.

Challenges - 1 completed, 4 in progress

  • completed the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge!
  • 2.5 books left for the Irresistible Review Challenge ... ending date is Sept. 1st
  • I haven't even started the Lost Books Challenge, but that doesn't end until Dec. (or Jan. - Amy might be extending our deadline - yeah!)
  • still working on my 3rd book for the 1% Well Read Challenge, and there are 7 more to go ... ending date Feb. 28, '09
  • on track for the Summer Reading Thing Challenge - I'm keeping up with the challenges I committed to completing and have read 3.5 of the 5 books I promised to review - the 5th book hasn't come in yet though, so I may have to bump another review book onto this list
  • For more info on any of these, check out my left sidebar. There are links to the challenge pages there, and most are still open to new participants.


Anonymous said...

I love these monthly summary posts! I love to see what everyone it up to. You read quite an impressive array of books. And, you're progressing nicely on your challenges. I'm currently signed up for three that I haven't read ONE book for yet. We'll see how August goes.

Bybee said...

Seven turned out to be my lucky number, too!
Definitely more posts about the "mom and son" bookclub...kiddo is wise and insightful & mom's no slouch, either.

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