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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lovely Links #2

Every once in a while I like to share some new and exciting links with you. (It's been a while since my last Lovely Links post - sorry.) So here's what I have to share with you today ...
  • Please take a minute to read this post. It has absolutely nothing to do with books but it really hit home for me. Literally everything in that post is something that I have thought/felt/said myself. I wish I could get all my IRL friends and family to read it ...

  • Are you involved in a book club? Why not reach out to your community? There are tons of ways to get involved. You could donate books to your local library or school like this group did. You could sponsor a teen book club or kids book club, maybe just for the summer. Or you could be inspired by a book you read and choose a cause to support like this group did (scroll down to the June 17th post).

  • There's quite a bit of buzz in the blogosphere about a new site called Field Report. Have you ever wanted to review other bloggers' posts? Or maybe you've secretly hoped to get feedback on your own writing? Field Report lets you do both! It's all about everyday people - me, you, the guy down the street, the woman delivering the mail - reading, writing, sharing, and even winning money! There are no fees, no obligations, no spam ... just a great way to connect with other readers and writers.

  • Have you ever heard the phrase "You can judge someone unless you've walked in their shoes"? Or maybe you've "stuck your food in your mouth" a time or two, saying something you didn't realize was hurtful because you didn't know the whole story? We can't really walk in someone else's shoes though - so how do we make that connection? How do we even attempt to understand what other people are going through? There's a new blog out there working to remedy that situation: Bridges. This site is currently gathering bloggers from all over the blogosphere who are willing to share about the difficulties in their lives: addiction, infertility, cancer, allergies, religion, body image, elder care, and much, much more. Check it out, or better yet, add it to your blog reader; every day you'll get to read a post that will give you insight into someone else's life. What better way to become a more sensitive person? (Oh, and you may see a guest post or two from me about kiddo's allergies sometime in the coming months.)
Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy my Lovely Links! Please let me know which ones you visit and what you think of them.

UPDATE: I just had to come back and post this spoof trailer for Twilight! It is TOO funny!


Amanda said...

Wonderful. Thanks for linking!

marie said...

"I absolutely believe that God knows the number of all of our days and he has designed each of our families.
Even little families"

I absolutely believe this too!
I also believe that the family He created for you is perfectly wonderful!

Thanks for all the "lovely links"!!

Florinda said...

Thanks for the link to the post at Rocks in My Dryer. As the mother of an only - by choice - I've reflected on a lot of the things she said there, and she said them so well.

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) said...

I loved the post at Shannon's, too. I read Queen B's blog, so I was especially excited to see it.

I'd like to hear from someone who choses NOT to have kids.

Photogrl said...

Thanks for the links!

I can especially relate to Queen B's post at Rocks in the Dryer. Beautifully written.

Amy said...

I read the link to Rocks in the Dryer, and I can absolutely see why you want everyone to read it. It's so hard to be judged when people don't know the whole'd be nice if everyone could gain a more global perspective.

Anna said...

As the mother of an only child, I appreciate the link to the Rocks in the Dryer post. Thank you!

--Anna (Diary of an Eccentric)

Queen B said...

Thanks for linking! I appreciate the comments more than you know!

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