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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Willoughbys

The Willoughbys
by Lois Lowry
audio book: 2.9 hours

While sitting at work on a VERY, VERY slow day, I realized I was out of audio books to listen to. A quick search of my library's online site led to realize two things.
  1. Most of the books on my TBR list in are not available in audio format.
  2. There are lots of interesting books that are NOT on my TBR list.
This particular book was one of the few available immediately (most others had a wait list) so I checked it out. And I'm so glad I did!

This is the hilarious story of four old fashioned children living an old fashioned life. Their parents are horrid and want to get rid of the children. The children also want to get rid of their parents, since all good old fashioned children are orphans anyway. And so their adventure begins.

I quite enjoyed listening to this while at work. It is light and fun and very clever. I especially loved listening to the glossary in which are found creative definitions of such words as ignominious, odious, nefarious, surreptitious, and unkempt.

I've been wanting to read THE WILLOUGHBYS to Kiddo for a while now. So many bloggers have raved about both Lois Lowry and this book in particular, and I figured it would be a good one to do a read-aloud with. But after listening to it, I've decided not to do that. Kiddo just won't get why it is so funny - he's not really understanding irony just yet. Maybe in another year or so ...

If you are in the mood for something fun and different, this book is the perfect thing for you. I'm only sad that I missed out on the "ignominious illustrations" - but I can always browse through it at the library to see what I missed.


bermudaonion said...

I loved Lois Lowry's books when I was growing up, but I'm not sure if I've read this one or not.

Ti said...

I think I've read this one based on your description of it but I can't seem to remember. I think I enjoyed it. LOL. I love the cover art. I can see this one being made into a movie.

chrisa511 said...

Ha! I just got this one in the mail this past week :) Can't wait to read it! It's been on my radar since it came out. Great review!

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