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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dueling Monsters ... back again!

It's that time again ... time to take on a monster!

Last year we took on two true monsters, Dracula and Frankenstein. This year we will battle the "monster inside us" by taking on The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde (hosted at Fizzy Thoughts) and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson (hosted here).

Jill and I are trying to be overachievers and read both books this month (are we crazy?!). You can do the same or you can choose just one book to read. 

Posting Schedule
  • 10/1 - we begin with a list of questions to consider as you read - Dorian Gray questions will be at Fizzy Thoughts, Jekyll/Hyde questions will be here
  • 10/15 - we'll each do a check-in post to see how everyone is coming along
  • 10/31 - we'll each post a recap of the read-a-long with links to your reviews

Sign Up Now

If you want to read The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with me, leave a comment on this post letting me know (yay!).  If you want to be monstrous traitor and read The Picture of Dorian Gray with Jill (NOOOOO!) then hop over to Fizzy Thoughts and sign up with her there.  Oh, and grab one of the buttons below to use on your posts!

Happy - or maybe I should say CREEPY - reading.



Jen at Introverted Reader said...

I'll be reading Dr. Jekyll with you! I'm looking forward to it!

Although, I must say, I think Dorian will be pretty tough to beat. He's just...creepy.

Bev Hankins said...

I'm in for both! Here's my post about the read-a-long:

Andi said...

Oh crap! I have them both, so I'm compelled. On the other hand, I'm already snowed under with reading obligations.

Robin M said...

I have both and since I'm a glutton for punishment, will join you in reading both. Bwaahaahaa!

Melody Wilson said...

Oh, what a good idea! I'll try to do both!

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

IntrovertedJen - So glad you're joining us! Both books are new to me though I am familiar w/ the stories, so I'm really looking forward to comparing them.

Bev - Welcome! Thanks for posting about the read-a-long. :)

Andi - Aw come on, what's extra book or two?! LOL

Robin & Melody - Great to have you both! Jekyll/Hyde is really short so I think we'll be okay ... *crosses fingers*

Amanda said...

I'm going to be participating in both! I've read both books 3+ times already, so I'll probably be doing some other comparisons - watching movies, reading the GNs, etc - and I probably won't post on a weekly schedule (Bleak House is taking enough weekly schedule time...) but I'll definitely read along with you guys!

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Amanda - YAY! It will be fun to see what you come up with. And don't worry, we don't post weekly or anything - just post when you want. :)

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

I've been wanting to read Jekyll and Hyde so maybe I can try to squeeze it in this month! HAVE to finish Brothers Karamazov first...albatross around my neck. I've read Dorian Gray so if I can squeeze it, it'll be fun!

I see 10/15 will be a check-in post. When should we aim to have the book finished by?

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Trish - Jekyll/Hyde is a REALLY short book so I think you can do it! The only "rule" is to post your review sometime before 10/31, b/c I'll do a review round up that day. Glad to have you join us!

Amy said...

I'll be joining in!

Anonymous said...

Since we're both reading both books, does that mean we're betraying ourselves?

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Amy - Glad to have you!

softdrink - Um ... yes? ;)

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