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Monday, April 6, 2009

The Time Machine

The Time Machine
by HG Wells
audio book: 3.8 hours
originally published in 1895

I listened to the audio version of this while I was at work, sort of as background noise. Of course that means I didn't pay as much attention to it, but as I'm already familiar with the story - and as I've seen the 1960 movie - I let myself get away with it.

For those who are NOT familiar with this classic work of literature, here's the basic plot:
Our unnamed narrator tells the story of his unnamed friend, who he refers to only as "The Time Traveler". The Time Traveler invents a machine that he claims can take him through time. He invites a group of friends over for dinner one week from the start of the story, and over dinner regales them with the tale of his experiences in the future which he visited during the intervening days. He traveled to the year 802,701 and encountered two groups of "people" ... for want of a better word ... and I won't say more than that or else I'll give away the story.
On the whole, I enjoyed it ... but not overly much. I think it was just too short for me to really get into it.

If you want to see something amusing, here's the trailer for the 1960 movie version (a rather poor adaptation, but still entertaining):

And this book counts toward the 1% Well Read Challenge - a bonus for me, as I didn't realize that when I started listening!


Ti said...

I find that the audiobook recordings of the classics usually lack something. Can't put my finger on it but they tend to not work for me.

At least it counted towards your challenge. That's a nice perk :)

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

I'll be reading this one soon for the classics challenge--sorry to hear you didn't like it quite as well. I understand what you mean about it maybe being too short; I feel that way about a number of books.

Stephanie said...

This WAS a quick one- I read it out loud to my ds, he was about 2.5, lol. I enjoyed it, but I tend to enjoy all the ones we read aloud, more because it's a shared experience, I think. It's not something I would've settled down onto the couch with for a long evening of reading...

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