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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TV Adaptations

For those of you in the US (and maybe Canada?), have you seen the new TV shows "The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency" or "Kings"? I'd love to hear what you think about them.

The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

I caught a rerun of the premier this past week. Having not read the books (by Alexander McCall Smith) I didn't know what to expect but I really quite enjoyed it. Here's a clip if you haven't seen it yet:

I love the line about the apostrophe - was that in the book?! It's GREAT! I'll definitely be watching this show from time to time.


I've seen the first three episodes so far and I am intrigued. If you haven't heard of this, it is an alternate history show based on the Biblical story of King David in the Old Testament. In the show, David is a front line soldier who saves the King Silas's son by taking on a tank (called a Goliath - go figure). David is then invited to live in the capital city and work as a press liason for the king.

The plot thickens when Reverend Samuels lets King Silas know that God is not pleased with some of the king's recent actions. And then Silas sees a sign that clearly shows him that God's favor has moved from him to young David.

Here's a clip from the show:

There's another clip at this link that gives some additional info. And did a great recap/analysis of this show recently. Check it out if you want more details on the show.

Have you been watching either of these shows? What do you think of their adaptations from the written stories? If you haven't seen them, do you want to now? Please share your thoughts.


Unknown said...

I haven't seen The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency (don't get HBO), but I want to. Guess I'll have to wait for the DVD release - I'll definitely be checking the show out then.

I've been watching Kings, and like you have been intrigued by the show. So far it's been in my view a very well done "reimagining" of the David/Saul story. I've heard the show is really hurting in the ratings, though - so I hope this season ends on a high note, with some resolution, just in case it's not picked up for a 2nd run.

Rebecca Reid said...

I've read No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and I've really enjoyed them all. I"d love to see the tv show too. Must wait til I can get it through Netflix though!

Sarah said...

I don't get HBO either, but I also have been wanting to see the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. From the preview, it looks like they have down an excellent job of adapting the book. If you haven't read the books, you should! They are easy to breeze through and are pretty entertaining.

Amy said...

I sort of watched the first episode of Kings, but I just don't have time to really add to the three shows I watch regularly. Too much reading to do. :)

Literary Feline said...

I have been watching The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and I love it. The show really captures the feel of the books and it's so well cast.

I'm not familiar with Kings at all.

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