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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NYC Tuesday Recap

I got New York by 11am and was checked into the hotel and BEA by noon. I hooked up with Florinda from The 3 R's and Kim from Sophisticated Dorkiness for lunch at a diner, then Florinda and I went to the Discovery Museum Pompeii Exhibit.

The exhibit was amazing. The way it was set up allowed the plaster casts of the bodies to have maximum impact when you finally got to them.   No pictures allowed inside so I can't show you what I mean, but it was pretty amazing.

After a short break at the hotel I got to meet my roommate, Megan, from Leafing Through Life. We had dinner together at a little dinner down the street then got dressed for the Bookrageous Bash.

Megan and I met up with Reagan from Miss Remmers' Review and figured out how to take the subway to Chinatown. From there we walked to the bar where we met lots of other bloggers and chatted for hours.

I have photos on my camera that I'll share when I get home (I'm blogging via phone here) but here's a quick peek at some I took with my phone.

- the Pompeii Exhibit sign
- 42nd Street
- the subway in Chinatown
- me with Lori from TNBBC


Amanda said...

I'm so glad you're recapping like this!!

Kate the Book Buff said...

Please continue to keep us non BEA ers posted on the goings on! I love it :)

-Kate the Book Buff
The Book Buff: Book Reviews for Regular People

Alyce said...

Sounds like fun!

Kathleen said...

Sounds and looks as though you are having lots of fun already. I hope I can come next year!

Helen's Book Blog said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time, enjoy the rest of the week!

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