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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Red Leather Diary

I've been keeping my eye on this book for quite a while and I'm excited to announce that it is being released in paperback today.

The Red Leather Diary: Reclaiming a Life Through the Pages of a Lost Journal
by Lily Koppel

This is the true story of journalist Lily Koppel's discovery of an teenage girl's diary from the 1930s and her subsequent meeting with the diary's then 90-year-old author, Florence.

I LOVE this book trailer! How can you not want to read it after watching that?!

But maybe you need more urging. Here's a really quick video of Florence, the writer of the journal, talking about an Italian Count she had a fling with:

Gotta love it!

The website for this book is gorgeous - you have to check it out:

You can also check out the book itself:

If you really want to hear more about the book, check out this 40 minute presentation given by Lily. I listened to it in the background while at work, doing other things. It is quite fascinating despite the length.

Lily will be doing several appearances, mostly in the New York area. Click here for the tour schedule. I so wish I could meet Lily and Florence!

I'm so fascinated by this book - I can't wait to read it. Have you heard of it? Are you interested? What do you think?!


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I enjoyed The Red Leather Diary. Thanks for this cool post.

Anonymous said...

This sounds fascinating, Heather, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

I checked the tour dates and she'll be at Brandeis University (near me) next week for a luncheon. I'm going to call to see if it's open to the public ... (then work on getting daycare for the little one!)

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of this book, but boy, do I want to read it now.

Anonymous said...

I'd never heard of it, but it does sound interesting.

Amy said...

I just got offered this book for review last week and was like heck yeah! It sounds fantastic, can't wait to read it!

Amanda said...

Yeah, I was offered to review this book and totally jumped on the chance. I just got in the mail last week and am super excited to read it.

Dreamybee said...

This does sound interesting! Thanks for posting about it.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm dying to read that now.

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