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Thursday, May 26, 2011

NYC Wednesday Recap - part 2

After a few hours I headed back to the hotel to do a book drop and ran in to a very exhausted man who couldn't handle the lines at BEA anymore.  He offered me his ticket for the Rick Riordan signing - going on at that very moment - and I gladly accepted since I'd missed the chance to get my own ticket that morning. I rushed back to BEA and got there in time to get one of the very last copies of his new book without having to wait more than 10 minutes.  Score!

Next I worked my way through the convention center to pick up a few specific books.  I felt like there were fewer review copies available compared to last year, but more importantly there were fewer books that really appealed to me. When I'm back home and able to blog from my computer I'll link up to some of the books that caught my attention last year, just so I can show you what I'm talking about. Still, I had a good time on the show floor checking things out. Oh, and I got to chat with author ML Malcolm - she's such a lovely lady. Check out our picture below.

That evening Megan and I FINALLY found a cab and made it to the Harper Collins reception about 30 minutes late. We had a good time chatting with other bloggers and authors but it was very crowded and rather hot so we weren't disappointed when it was time to go.

Our next stop was for dinner at an Italian place about a block away. There were 11 of us and we had a blast (at least, I did!). I took pictures on my camera rather than with my phone so I'll have to share those with you after I get home. And since I haven't figured out how to link to anyone's blog when I'm writing from my phone,  I'll just wait until I get home to tell you who was there too.

Back at the hotel I stayed up WAY too late reading CROSSED by Ally Condie then finally fell into a Benadyll-induced sleep (I forgot to mention that my allergies are going wacky this week, didn't I?).

More to come soon ...


Amanda said...

I'm so glad to hear you got to meet Rick Riordan after all!!

Alyce said...

Wow, what luck with the signing ticket!

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