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Monday, December 22, 2008

Lovely Links #8

In this 8th edition of Lovely Links we're taking a trip through time and even through other worlds - enjoy!

  • Audio recordings from WWI-era England are now available for your listening pleasure. These recordings were made by one family and include family updates, songs, and other messages. The compilation is very short but eerily fascinating to listen to. We're hearing voices of people born between 1850 and 1904!
  • A 2,000 year old Greek computer? Yup, that's right. Check out this explanation and video - amazing!
  • Coming soon to a Colosseum near you, the Gladiators! Well, sort of.
  • Ever wish you could live in a fantasy world like Luke Skywalker or Harry Potter? Think you life is a bit boring? Here's how to add some fantasy to your own world and be prepared for whatever quest may come your way.
  • In the same vein, here's what to do if you find suddenly find yourself thrust into a Renaissance drama!
  • And finally, a fascinating 5 minute video overview of the amazing changes in information technology and other interesting facts.

1 comment:

The Afton Vision said...

Not specific to this entry -- but to let ou know that I am reading your blogs and getting lost for awhile in great links (your bookgroup blog, ceative memories, and other blog links including to the Lost challenge -- which ends soon). Happy Holidays.

And I have ideas about an online bookgroup for 2009. Very different from my at-home book group. Probably 10 -12 members, probably all women, hopefully diverse -- in age, location, orientation, culture, whatever. Interested? I know of two others so far who are -- one is my daughter, 27 yo, and another is around 33, a special ed teacher in MA). Maybe each of us would invite one other from our extended circle of acquaintances. I have a few others in mind (and should have my age group -- I'm 58 -- and older represented). More ideas so if you are interested please email me:
BHpurple (at) aol (dot) com

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