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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December '08 Summary

This was an excellent month of reading for me! In fact, I can't remember the last time I felt this good about both the selection of books and the amount read. Here's a recap:

Books - 10 (3,048 pages)

I also started two other books (Phineas Finn, and Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress) but I'll count them next month since they are not finished yet.

Audiobooks 2 (20 hours)

TBR List - gained 12 books this month, and one for kiddo

Mom & Son Book Club - 1

We read and discussed Beedle the Bard - it was hit!

Challenge Updates (for more details on these, see my left side bar)

  • Signed up for a new one, The Stephenie Meyer Mini Challenge. Completed 3 of the 4 books in the series. Only two were required for the challenge but I'm not saying I'm done until I read the 4th (which will be any day now).

  • The LOST Books Challenge - read another book for this one, so there are only 2 more to go. Not sure I'll finish this by the time the new season starts, but since I haven't watched the previous season yet, I'm not too concerned.

  • The 1% Well Read Challenge - I started another book (Phineas Finn) but haven't finished it yet. It's a long one, but I'm enjoying it so far. There's NO WAY that I'll complete this challenge on time, but I'm going to continue reading until I complete my list anyway. It's been a VERY enjoyable challenge. And I WILL be participating again in 2009.

All in all, a very successful and enjoyable month for me. How 'bout you?

This should be my last post of 2008 ... Happy New Year!


Robin M said...

Lots of interesting books and have loved your recaps of the twilight series. Going to take the plunge with 1% well read. Figured out yesterday I really only have read 1% off the 1001 list. For 2009 will only read books off the list have on my shelves. Time to dust them off.

Happy New year.


MegDC said...

Good luck on all your challenges, wow! If you need definitions when you get to reading Moby-Dick, check out, a free, full-text annotation of the novel.

Happy New Year!

Dreamybee said...

Wow, I don't know how you moms do it! What a productive month! Congratulations, and Happy New Year!!

Literary Feline said...

I didn't even think to count Midnight Sun in my count. Maybe I should have done that . . .

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Robin - I'm glad you're joining in! I've realized that I need to do one book per month (duh!) for next year, and I'll likely be more successful. And I had lot so fun with the Twilight recaps too. :)

MegDC - THANKS SO MUCH for that link! It will be very helpful to me for sure.

Dreamybee - Thanks and happy new year to you too. :)

Literary Feline - Definitely count it! You KNOW I did. ~LOL~

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