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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stephenie Meyer Reading Challenge

I just saw that Becky is hosting a mini reading challenge for any of the Stephenie Meyer books. Since I'm well on my way to completing the third book I decided to sign up for it. It will feel WONDERFUL to be able to complete a challenge that quickly! I know, I know, it's like cheating since I've already started reading, but the challenge has been going on for months and doesn't end until Jan. 30, 2009 - I'm guaranteed to complete this one!

Oh, and a quick funny story ... over Christmas I got to see my 14 yr old cousin who just finished reading all the Twilight books. Can I tell you how much fun it was to gush with her over them?! Ridiculous, but fun. We ARE on opposing sides though ... she can't stand Jacob and he's my absolute favorite. But I guess I have to forgive her for that, since she was the flower girl in my wedding 10 yrs ago (I think that gives her a free pass). :)

One more thing - I'm sorry about all the incorrect grammar and other errors in my last few posts. I was trying to get them up quickly (in between doing actual work) and didn't proofread at all ... OH THE HORROR!


Sara said...

My 14 year old sister made me read the books, and it was funny to both enjoy the same thing also!

Anonymous said...

This is completely tangential, but reading "Oh, the horror" in a sentence about typos reminded me of a funny story. My senior year in high school, my AP English class read Heart of Darkness and as we discussed Kurtz's final words ("Oh, the horror, the horror), a friend of mine piped up, "Why is he talking about a whore?" Classic literary faux pas moment.

Alyce said...

I'm planning on reading these books sometime in the new year.

I feel your pain about the grammar/spelling thing. It happens to me all of the time and makes me cringe thinking that people have read my errors.

On a side note, I've actually woken up in the middle of the night before because I've realized I forgot something in a post. I go right back to sleep (I'm not that obsessed) and then fix it in the morning. I just think it's funny that it can wake me from a sound sleep.

Jackie said...

who is becky ? and where do I sign up.I am getting ready to start this series in the new year!

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