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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What Kiddo Bought on Vacation ... Spyology!

On our recent trip to Florida Gram told me she wanted to buy kiddo a book that he'd really enjoy. She always wants to buy him something, but needless to say I was thrilled with the idea of a book. So she gave him $20 and we headed out to the bookstore.

Kiddo made a beeline for the Harry Potter and Star Wars books. They were like magnets to him; no matter how many times I'd pull him away to look at something else, he always ended up back over there within minutes. Now I don't object to either HP or SW but enough is enough ... and I've had enough.

Finally I sat on the floor next to a promising shelf and started pulling out books one at a time, every few minutes calling to kiddo to check them out. It worked! After a few minutes kiddo was on the floor next to me and we were examining books about dragons (including a adorable smallish boxed set about different types of dragons), instructions on how to become a wizard (I wish I could remember the name of this because it was a beautiful book inside and out), journals, and a book about spies.

After ten minutes or more of consideration - and about an hour total in the store - kiddo decided to purchase Spyology. Now THIS is a cool book!

I read a post about it a while back (and added it to kiddo's wish list!) so I knew what to expect, but what I didn't realize is that kiddo would find it so fascinating! He carried that book around EVERYWHERE we went - in the car, to his cousins' house, to the store, to bed, and he even tried to take it to the beach but I nixed that one. And it's a BIG book - just over 12" tall - so not exactly easy to cart around.

I'll be honest - I haven't sat down to read this with him yet. We've been so busy! Plus we're reading two other books right now (hopefully we'll have Mom & Son Book Club reviews of them both soon). But it looks really great! There are all sorts of pockets with clues, flaps, secret hidden things, and the cover even comes apart (that red piece in the center turns and part of it can be removed from the inside). Kiddo has spent hours playing around through the book on his own. At his cousins' house he used it as part of the game they were playing and got everyone to be spies with him.

I'm highly recommending this book for young boys (or girls who are into spy stuff). Kiddo isn't a huge spy fan, but this book definitely got his attention. It would make a great Christmas gift for a kid you know! According to the web it's meant for ages 9-12 but kiddo isn't even 7 yet and he LOVES it. Obviously it's one that I'll be reading to him bit by bit (there is LOTS of text in this book) but he's having fun with it already.


Carrie said...

NICE! Thanks for leaving the link. Glad you all liked it so much. I think that book is just super cool. (Is the Wizard book that you are talking about Wizardology? Candlewick has an -ology series which is where the Spy one comes from also.)

Anonymous said...

What a great Gram!

Ti said...

My daughter had a mermaid book like this and loves all the pockets and flaps.

Dreamybee said...

Ooh, that sounds like fun. I want one! LOL.

Anonymous said...

That book looks great! If Kiddo gets into mysteries, do you think he'd like Encyclopedia Brown? I loved them when I was a young'un!

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

carrie - no, that wasn't it, but thanks anyway. :)

bermuda - I know, isn't she great?!

ti - kids always seem to love flaps, don't you think? and this is a more "grown up" lift-the-flap book for sure

dreamybee - I can't wait to read it with him myself

chartroose - funny you mention him, as that was one of the books I showed him in the store - he wasn't interested yet, but I think he will be later

Ali said...

I need to look for this one for my oldest. He loved the Dragonology book, but then sort of outgrew dragons. He asked for some spy stuff for Xmas so this will be perfect to go along with that.

Anonymous said...

How fun! I'm glad Kiddo is enjoying it so much ... I hope he let Gram read thru it, too :)

I let my younger kids page thru all those toy catalogs that come into the house, cut things out, make collages, etc. It's a good way for me to see what subjects interest them. Spy stuff is big this year, even for the youngest.

I'll take a closer look at Spyology to see if it might find a home on our bookcase.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Just a quick note from me - I read somewhere about a homemade spy/detective kit and I think it would make a GREAT combo gift with this book for Christmas - the kit included a magnifing glass, ink and note paper for taking fingerprints, pen and pad for writing down clues, powder and scotch tape for pulling fingerprints off furniture, and a case to put everything in - I LOVED the idea! It might be a gift for kiddo this year, to go along with the book he already has. :)

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