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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lovely Links #9

Welcome to this 9th edition of Lovely Links where I give some linky love to things I found fascinating recently. Most of it is book related (go figure!) but some is just plain interesting. Enjoy!

  • Calling all Twilight fans! In case you haven't heard, Taylor Lautner, the actor who played Jacob in the movie, WILL get to keep that role in New Moon. If you recall from my movie review, I had a hard time with him in the movie because he was Sharkboy, but after reading New Moon I am solidly on Team Jacob!
  • Book club in-fighting? Read all about it in the New York Times.
  • A few authors out there are openly courting book clubs - I think it is great!

  • In case you missed it, my monthly post is up at My topic this go round was the unique titles that surfaced at my book club's Christmas Party Book Swap. Click here then scroll down to the post dated Jan. 5, 2009. Comments are always appreciated!

  • Ready for a laugh? How 'bout this laptop vs. dragon commercial? This has nothing to do with books ... it is just plain funny.
  • Such a Pretty Fat is the book pick at Costco. Huh? According to Book Club Girl, it's a funny book about weight loss. So NOT my kind of book. However, the video is HILARIOUS and you simply must go see it.
  • Scientists are discussing a wish list of extinct animals that could eventually be brought back to life through DNA and surrogate mothers. The list (you'll have to scroll down that page to see the list) is fascinating, and other scientists are doing similar research. However, didn't we learn our lesson with Jurassic Park?

That's all for now ... see you next time!


Stephanie said...

Heather - A quick apology here. I am your Secret Santa this year. I got an email yesterday from Ana that said you didn't get your package...which is horrible because I sent it the week before Christmas. But I put insurance on it, so I went to the post office to see what I needed to do to file a claim on it. It's a good thing I did. Apparently, there were 3 packages that got damaged this year and were unsendable. It looked like there was water damage (or it got dropped in the snow!) and the ink ran. Both the address AND the return address were unreadable!!

So...I have you 'goodies', and I just need to repackage them and get them sent.

I'm so sorry!! But hey...better late than never!!

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Stephanie -

No worries! As I told Ana, I was sure that it was just lost in the mail - with this many secret santas shipping things around the world, there were sure to be a few gliches. :) Good thing you put insurance on it though. I didn't think to do that with the gift I sent out ... but it did make it safely, so I'm relieved. I'll know better next year for sure.

And how cool that you were my secret santa - I read your blog every day!


- Heather

momofonefornow said...

Such a Pretty Fat is like 20% weight loss and 80% snark. I have read all of Lancaster's books. I loved them. You are right, the videos for the book are funny.

The best part about Lancaster is that she blogs. I got a good taste for her writing before I bought a single book. She actually got her start from blogging.

Anonymous said...

Ack! Jurassic Park scared the pants off of me. I still refuse to watch it again. I'm finding it hard to get excited by the return of the giant sloth.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

momofonefornow - yeah, I got the impression that it was more about the humor than the weight loss ... but still, not the type of book I enjoy reading :)

softdrink - Aw, come on, that's a GREAT movie! Kiddo (who is turning 7 this month) watched it with me on Monday. Granted, I had to tell him what was going to happen before it happened, and fast forward through a few parts that he thought were a bit too intense, but he really wanted to watch it - AND he enjoyed it. And more importantly, there were no bad dreams. ~LOL~

And what do you have against sloths, might I ask?! :)

- Heather

Dreamybee said...

LOL-I saw something about The Resurrection List as they're calling it, on TV, and I turned to my husband and said-"Did these people not SEE Jurassic Park???"

The sad thing is they've already got gorillas on the list. I don't think this bodes well-

Scientists: "Don't worry about it, if they go extinct, we'll just bring them back."

Me: "Did these people not READ Pet Semetary???"

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